Before I elaborate on my topic, I would like to introduce this new category, FROM THE FIRST BASE DUGOUT, which, we Dodgers fans know, is the visitors dugout in our temple we know as Dodger Stadium.  Every now and then, I read other bloggers from other teams, as well as to search for other ideal topics, and if I see anything interesting, I will recommend it here as well.  Right now, I have just returned from a visit to The Giants and Beyond and left a friendly word about our starting pitching staffs.  I am hoping that the editor their and I can engage in a friendly rivalry between our respective favorite teams.  After all, the Dodgers/Giants rivalry should limited to just the field, right?  The only thing I ask is that if visiting his site, or any other fans site, that if you are going to post something that could lead to debate, do it with class and be respectful of others opinions, even if it’s a Giants fan….LOL.   


2 thoughts on “LA vs. SF, NOT JUST IN THE FIELD”

  1. I think some actual discourse between Giants and Dodgers fans that doesn’t end up becoming a swearing competition is desperately needed. This rivalry has been a part of me since I was very young, and has been around much longer, but I’ve always had respect for the Dodgers, even if they are evil incarnate.

    But the Giants and Dodgers have the best fans in the world, and the best rivalry in sports. Here’s agreeing with this blogger and hoping that our exchanges, while they may be emotionally charged, can be classy and civil.

    -Eric (from “The Giants and Beyond”)


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