We could argue all day whether the WBC is a great idea.  I, being the ****** of a baseball fan that I am, will probably take in a game in Anaheim and hopefully the final game in San Diego.  And with all the big name stars participating, primarily for the U.S. and the Dominican, one could not blame the fans for any enthusiasm displayed for this upcoming tournament.  And should my dream match-up of the U.S and Dominican meeting up in the final game in San Diego come full circle, ( If the brackets make it possible ), one can only imagine the atmosphere that would bring to PETCO Park, and with the huge Latin influence here in Southern California, with loyalties being divided 50/50, or yet, the U.S. crowd being outnumbered in it’s own country, this could actually be a good thing.  But for me, to make it all work, since these ballplayers have committed to playing for their respective country, or in ARod’s case, countries, ( Has he made up his mind yet ? ), whether you are in favor of the WBC or not, these players owe it to the fans to go all out and give the fans their moneys worth, especially the pitchers.  As for our Eric Gagne, since he is committed to playing for Canada, I don’t really see them lasting to long, so it is hoped here that he will be well rested for the real baseball season.  But back to the pitchers, what I do not want to see is a home run derby tournament.  One only has to look back at the 1971 all-star game and Pete Rose crashing into Ray Fosse to win the game for the NL.  OK, I may be asking to much of the players to play with that kind of intensity, but if they are concerned with being in tip top shape for the real season, perhaps they all should either be in Florida or Arizona with their respective clubs for Spring Training.  Otherwise, those who have selected to play in the tourney, including Pujols, Clemens, Garciaparra, and even you Mr. Bonds, you owe it to the fans to go the all-out effort, if not the effort we expect come the grueling summer months.


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