Too bad I couldn’t stay awake for both games.  This past Saturday, 1/28, was supposed to be a great sports day for me as both the L.A. Kings and the L.A. Clippers had a day-night affair at the Staples Center.  Being that I work a night job, I had planned on getting a couple hours of nap time in before heading to the 1pm matinee between the Kings and Mighty Ducks.  But for some reason I could not fall asleep upon arriving home.  So I just went with it and took off to the hockey game with my friends from my previos job.  I wasn’t exactly one of your more exciting games as the Kings, mired in a mid-season slump, were thrashed by our rivals 6-2.  The game was so ugly, the fans booed the Kings off the ice after the 2nd period and again after the game.  Of course, what would a hockey game be without a fight between two local rivals, which was the only thing that kept the fans on a high on this afternoon.   After the game, I was hoping to be able to catch the Staples crew convert the ice rink to the basketball floor for that evenings game for the Clippers.  I was able to catch the first few minutes of the conversion as the crews, both the floor crew and the janitorial crew, worked frantically to get the Staples Center ready for that evenings game.  Since everyone was asked to vacate the building, my friends and I decided to pass the time and have dinner at nearby Chinatown at this restuarant that I turned them on to.  The reataurant is Won Kok, located at 210 Alpine St.  This establishment has been a staple here in Chinatown for many years, ( I would go there often with my family as a kid back in the 80’s ), and still continues to serve Angelino’s from all over great authentic family style Chinese food at reasonable prices.  After dinner, I head on back to the Staples Center to catch the 2nd game of the day, the basketball game between the Clippers and the Denver Nuggets.  Now let me go on record first as saying that my loyalties are with the Lakers, but harbor no ill-will at the Clippers.  And hey, anytime I get a chance to see two games in a day, I will try to jump at it.  And with the abundance of teams here in L.A., on any given day this can be a common occurrence.  However, as for the basketball game, I would be on my own for the night cap.  And though the Clippers would play one of their more impressive games of the season wiping the Nuggets off the floor, 112-79, unfortunately, all my energy would be sapped as I would fall asleep during the 2nd half in my lone Bob Uecker seat up in the corner of the 300 level.  As I mentioned earlier, not having any rest from the previous day had plenty to do with it.  I was able to stay awake for just over 24 hours.  Oh, if only my friends could have gone to the Clipper game with me just so I could have someone to talk to to keep me awake.  Oh well, there will be other fun filled Saturdays.  And as for the rest of my weekend here in the City of Angels, as Sunday would be uneventful, today, Monday, 1/30, I would serve my first day of jury duty in Hollywood.  And because it was in Hollywood, ( 15 minutes away from my home in the San Fernando Valley district, Van Nuys ), I was able to have lunch at the nearby Hollywood and Highland shopping mall, where I would dine at California Pizza Kitchen.  It wasn’t so much that I dined at CPK, ( which you can find anywhere) but the fact that I had a great outdoor patio seat with a nice view of the Hollywood Hills in front of me, as well as the sight of tourists taking countless snapshots of their own.  For you outta towners, if in the area and dining there, should the weather be as beautiful today during your stay, you may want to dine outside at their patio and enjoy the nice view of the Hollywood Hills in front of you, adorned with the world famous Hollywood sign.  For today at least, and this will sound cheesy, I felt like a tourist in my own city.  So, here’s a recap of my Weekend In L.A.

Saturday 1/28

1:00 PM



KINGS defeated 6-2

5:00 PM

Dinner at Won Kok with friends Chris Brito, Cynthia Rodriguez, and Leticia Casillas.  Review of food, great authentic Chinese food served family style.  Dinner, BBQ pork, fried shrimp, pork chow mein, beef and brocolli, shrimp with lobster sauce, and fried rice.  A longtime Chinatown establishment located at 210 W. Alpine St.

7:30 PM



CLIPPERS rout Denver 112-79

If only I coulda stayed awake.

Monday, 1/30

Jury Duty, with the opportunity to cruise walk down Hollywood Blvd. after lunch on this beautiful day here in L.A. 

Every now and then, I will be here to recap my personal activities here in L.A. in which I, hopefully, can give you sports fans who may find your way here in our great city an idea of what to do while spending time here.  And while many of the activities will include games, I will also do my best to find some other sites as well, and hopefully, something not obviously touristy either.  Well, until next time……


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