I’m back.  It’s been awhile since i’ve last posted.  And i’m just in time too as the Boys in Blue have just kicked off the spring season with a 3-2 win over the Braves.  I am really looking forward to this season, like any other season.  I’ve just completed purchasing my 14 game silver slugger package and am in the process of finalizing my plans for my road trip in May which will take me to Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, and Wrigley Field, the 3 classics.  There should be plenty of highlights in this trip, especially in NY, where I will be watching the Yanks and the BoSox for 2.  From what i’ve gathered, the Boston-New York rivalry is not for the faint of heart.  I’m really looking forward to being there, though in my heart, nothing beats the Dodgers and Giants .  And of course, visiting Fenway and hangin’ with the Bleacher Bums in Wrigley is something I’m definately looking forward to as well. 


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