Opening Day. The birth of a new season. New hope. And though we would end up on the wrong end of a thrilling 11-10 ballgame, this would still be an exciting day for me. Like many of you, I did end up taking the day off from work, to head off to our Blue Haven and it’s new pastel colored seats, ( Not bad, btw). Though there were a good number of empty seats for a home opener, ( Due largely to the weather ), the enthusiasm of a mostly packed house could not be dampened. And speaking of the weather, the weather gods, for the most part, played a huge role for us by keeping the rain away throughout most of the day. I suppose the weather god must have been anxious for Opening Day as well. If the first 3 games are any indication, this team wil score a lot of runs this year. Now once the pitching can put the pieces together, minus Gagne for at least 2 months, we could be at the top of our division. Nonetheless, I am greatful the hardball is back. And it really was a fun sports day for me. If only for a Dodger victory and another title for UCLA basketball….My Opening Day Record 4-5

1983 Expos 8 Dodgers 3
1983 NL West Champions

1988 Giants 5 Dodgers 1
1988 World Champions

1994 Dodgers 4 Marlins 3
No Post Season due to strike

1999 Dodgers 8 D-Backs 6 ( 11 )
76-86 3rd Place

2001 Dodgers 1 Brewers 0
86-76 3rd Place -6 Games

2002 Giants 9 Dodgers 2
92-70 3rd Place -6 Games

2004 Padres 8 Dodgers 2
2004 NL West Champs

2005 Dodgers 9 Giants 8
71-91 4th Place -11 Games

2006 Braves 11 Dodgers 10


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