The Dodgers offense finally cooled down over the weekend, with their lone win coming off of all people, Jason Schmidt, as the Giants took 2 of 3 from the Boys in Blue in a pitching dominated series.  In the 3 games, the Giants would outscore the Blue by a mere 5-4 margin, with Jamie Wright and Brad Hennessey turning in superb performances.  After starting off on a shaky note, our pitching is starting to come around, with another fine performance by Odallis Perez and a quality start by Jay Seo, and yet another fine performance by Brad Penny, off to a good start himself.  But the Dodgers continue to leave men on base at the most inopportune times, leading the league in men left on base.  Also of note, twice this weekend with runners on first and second and none out in the later innings, Jose Cruz Jr. was asked to bunt runners over to set up shop for Bill Mueller.  While at first I was ok with the strategy and am a big fan of smallball, after seeing Mueller walked on both occasions and only scoring one run in that span, perhaps it may be best to let Cruz, who is off to a hot start himself, swing away and let him drive it somewhere.  Next up…The Cubs for 3, and welcome back, Dusty Baker. 

Sight and Sound from my games attended this past  Saturday and Sunday…

4/15  Jackie Robinson night.  Sharon Robinson, along with other JR scholars throuhgout UCLA and USC, were honered during the 69th anniversary of JR’s MLB debut. 

Chants from the left field pavillion toward Barry, other than the usuall Barry S***s, " Just Say No !!! " and " Just Retire !! "

Eric Karros was on hand


Nothing eventful for Barry, as he would go 1for 7 with 3 walks.

Jeff Kent was inadvertantly hit in the head by a pitch from Brad Hennessey in the 7th, knocking him out of the game, putting him day to day.

Barry would be struck on the elbow by a Tim Hamaluck pitch in the 8th, prompting the HP ump to toss Hamaluck.  No warning had been issued to either team prior to the pitch.  Also, Barry, as usuall, was on top of the plate, what was Tim to do?  Oh yeah, anyone notice Barry hardly flinched?  Of course, with all that protective armour he is wearing…Hamaluck would leave the field to an ovation from the fans.

My record to date 2-3



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