LA VS AZ, SUN 4/23

Though there were glimpses of grey over the skies of the Ravine on this Sunday afternoon, it was still a good day to go to the ballgame.  With the matchup of Thomko and Russ Ortiz in the works, I was expecting a high scoring game today.  With Thomko having a reputation for giving up the long ball and Ortiz’s control problems, early on it seemed my prediction would hold true.  Thomko would walk 2 batters in the first inning and load the bases, but would allow an unearned run on a ill-advised shovel throw from 1B Olmeado Saenz on a two out grounder, as Saenz attempted to throw from his glove to Thomko covering.  Saenz however would redeem himself with a clutch 2 out hit in the latter half of the first to knot the score at 1, and the Blue would take off from there as Bill Mueller would follow with a double to plate Kent and Saenz, and would score on Ricky Ledees pop single to center to give the Blue an early 4-1 lead.  JD Drew continues his hot month of April and contributed a solo shot.  Thomko settled down, and though the Snakes threatned in the 8th and PH Tony Clark narrowly missed tying the game in the 8th with a double that came inches from clearing the fence, Baez would lock things up for his 5th save as the Blue took 2 of 3 from the Snakes 6-4.

My Record to Date



Rick Monday was honored before the game for his act while with the Cubs in ’76, rescuing the flag from being burned by 2 protesters.

The Dodgers werent the only team from LA playing a team from Phoenix.  The Lakers opened round one of the NBA playoffs  in Phoenix against the Suns.  Many in the stands had their radios tuned in.

On JD Drews home run, as the fan in the LF Pavillion mad an outstanding catch leaning over the railing above the councourse, his friend made a great catch as well, catchin him while his body was about to fall towards the pavillion concourse, holding him up until he regained balance, prompting replays on diamondvision and a standing ovation from the crowd.

Former Dodger Shawn Green, despite being the all-time Los Angeles Dodgers leader in total home runs for a season ( 49 in 2001 ) , was booed by the Dodger faithful throughout the game.


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