For those of you who may be around and abouts here in SoCal this weekend, here is a some of Sporting Events that could be of interest to you. 

For the baseball traveler….

The World Champion White Sox are down I-5 to do battle with the Angels in a rematch of last years ALCS in a 3 game series beginning tonight through Sunday.  Also, our Boys in Blue will be in San Diego to do battle with the Padres.  For your reference, Anaheim is approximately 40 minutes south of Los Angeles, San Diego 2 hours south, both accessible through Interstate 5.  As for other stuff to do in between the 3 cities, well, I’m sure you can figure it out.  After all, it’s you’re road trip. 


The Lakers return home to the Staples Center ( Be ready to pay a steep fee for nosebleeds through a scalper or agency ) to continue their playoff battle with the Suns tonight and Sunday afternoon.  Also, for you hockey fans, the Ducks will be hosting the Calgary Flames this Monday evening in the NHL playoff match, which is currently tied at 2 games apiece. 


If you happen to be a book worm, the annual Festival of Books will be on the UCLA campus on Saturday and Sunday.  This event draws huge crowds and is in it’s 11th year and running.  There is definately something for everyone all ages as well as guest speakers and autograph signings as well, including Henry Winkler, who has written a few childrens books himself.  ( Who’d have thought, the Fonz, writing childrens books…. )   For more info here is the link at http://latimes.com/extras/festivalofbooks/


The Coachella Music Festival also takes place this weekend, with 24 hours of music taking place, featuring Depeche Mode, Franz Ferdinand, Massive Attack, as well as many other Alternative groups, as well as an appearance by Madonna.  http://coachella.com/ or http://kroq.com/

And that’s what’s up here in LA and SoCal this weekend.  Whatever you do, enjoy your weekend, GO DODGERS!! GO LAKERS !!  Oh yeah, feel free to drop me a line, especially those of you goin’ out to Coachella this weekend. 


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