Hello everyone.  I hope all of you are enjoying your 4th of July holiday.  Tonight, I am attempting my first live game blog on this hot holiday evening.  I have just returned from the groceries with a friend of mine, and as I blog throughout the game, I will also try to do some other chores as well, you know, tidy up the appartment, prepare 4th of July grub, etc…while enjoying the game and blogging.  And as I walked in, Izzy came through with a big 2 out single in a 5 run 4th, and now we go to the bottom of the 5th, and the Blue up, 6-2.  So, here goes….

8:10 PM  I’m back after a little "technical difficulties".  JD Drew just doubled in a run and our offense is once again on a roll, end of 6, 11-2.

8:13  Andy5353, D-Backs fan, posted this question about my thoughts about last night’s game which Nomar was hit 3 times.  Well, it seems like it’s yesterday’s news, and no effects from last night have carried over to tonight.  It’s interesting because the ageless Vin Scully pointed out that there was no real hatred towards the two teams so it was a mystery on why the Snakes would throw at Nomar.  Had that been the Giants, however….

8:17 Giovannie Carrara has entered the game in the top of the 7th.  Gio was called up from Triple A Las Vegas and Hung-Chi Kuo was sent back.  This is Gio’s third go ’round with the Blue.

8:26 Stretch Time….

8:28 Randy Choate is in to pitch for Arizona.  Choate was ejected last night when Nomar was hit by Choate’s pitch.

8:30 As Vin Scully admires Ms. Liberty, giving love to a little girl draped in a outfit with the desing of the US Flag, since it is the 4th of July, my friend Josh and I bring up the fact what a great country this is, where we can agree to disagree but still carry on strong friendships. I say this because unfortunately, there are still many countries out there to this day where you risk your’re life for not agreeing with the countries ways of running things.   My personal story to this, when I visited my country of birth, the Phillipines, in 1986, it was the first time since I was born that I had been back to the country.  The country was under Marshall Law, and many in the country were against the Marcos government, and unfortunately, many, including my father,  lost their lives because of that.  Well, as a 12 year old kid in ’86, as I was riding a tour bus to Manila from Baguio City, ( The US had a military station there at the time, and might still have it ), I was talking to an older lady next to me about life here in America.  That was also the year when Marshall Law finally came to an end.  I asked this nice lady who she voted for, and her response " I did not vote.  The way Marcos cheated the last 20 years, I was afraid for my life to vote.  "  Since then, I’ve used that response as the basis to my quote that here in America, we have the freedom to agree to disagree, and use that quote as well to people who don’t take the time to vote. 

8:42  With the Blue cruising 11-3, and the Giants losing 4-0 to the Rockies in the bottom of the 6th in Denver, if all holds up, there will be a 3 way tie between the Friars, Blue, and the Rox, all at 43-40.

8:43 The snakes have been retired in the top of the 8th, Carrara’s 2nd inning of work.  Should Gio finish out the game, he would be credited with a save.  Yes, you heard that correct.  The rule book states that if a relief pitcher pitches 3 or more innings without surrendering the lead, no matter the deficit, the pitcher is credited with a save.

8:47  Matt Kemp has struck out.  After hitting 7 home runs in his first two weeks in the big show, his power numbers have somewhat tailed off.  Nonetheless, like any rookie, he can only improve, and with Kemp, we’re really expecting some bigger things for him.  Kemp is one of amongst our "kids" who have blossomed in the Blue uni.

8:52 Danys Baez is in to finish things off.  Oh well, so much for Gio getting a save in an 11-3 game.  It makes sense to have Baez in an 11-3 game.  It’d be hard for him to blow this one.  Old friend Shawn Green is on deck.

8:55 Shawn Green has just been hit by a pitch, marking the sixth time in this series someone has been hit,  to the delight of some in the crowd. 

8:57 GAME OVER.  WE LOVE L.A.  Two nights in a row where the offense exploded.  And we got Penny goin’ tomorrow. 

Other notes…Andre Ethier, another one of our touted rookies, has another big night with 4 RBI’s.  Rookies, what rookies?

Well, that’s the end of my first blog.  Perhaps more advance notice to the readers will draw more for this chat.  Or maybe because it’s a holiday and everyone is out enjoying the fireworks.  Anyways, as I enjoy the view the fireworks from my 3rd floor apartment, I want to wish everyone a great rest of this 4th of July and for all to stay safe out there.  And it sure feels good to be back blogging.  One more with the ‘Snakes before we finish the first half against the Giants.  HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE !!!

One thought on “GAME BLOG FOR 7/4/06 D’BACKS VS DODGERS”

  1. HOw about some D-back scoring HUH?Can u tell I am a arizona fan.
    Did you see last nights dodger game?

    What are you thoughts on us(arizona) hitting Nomar 3 times?



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