With frustration starting to set in on our Boys in Blue, in which the Dodgers were once again swept by the Cardinals, giving the Red-Birds a unanimous sweep of the Blue, 7 games to none, the Dodgers begin a 3 game series at the Ravine tonight against the 1st place San Diego Padres.  Despite going 1-10 since the all-star break, the Blue has only lost 2.5 games on the frontrunners, which means we are oh so lucky, or the NL West just stinks again this year.  Despite the recent slide, the Blue has a good opportunity to get right back in the thick of things with the Friars in town.  Though the Blue only lost 2.5 games on the Friars in the standings, the Giants and D-Backs have past up the Dodgers, with the Giants claiming a momentary .5 game lead on the Padres.  The series kicks off tonight at 7:10, with Derek Lowe, who has struggled miserably since a complete game victory over the Mariners on June 22nd, will be matched up against Chris Young.  Lowe has had success against the Padres since joining the Blue last season and will be once again called upon to turn it around for the Blue. 


The Dodgers have scored a total of 16 runs in the 11 games since.

The Dodgers are now tied with the Cardinals for the league lead in batting average.

Nomar has fallen behind not only Freddy Sanchez for the batting average lead, but behind Chipper Jones as well.

Prior to yesterday, Chad Billingsley had entered the game having pitched 13 consecutive scoreless innings.  ( Hey, I had to look for a positive here during this slump ) .


Two songs that stood out yesterday that were played

Cruel Summer….With the weather we’ve had lately here, and the play of the Blue, " It’s a cruel, cruel summer…… "

Tomorrow ( Theme song from Annie )…Played by organist Nancy Bea Heffley after a defeat.  Well, let’s hope the sun does come out for the Blue, and tonight would be nice….

And Finally

" And the Dodgers go down in order 1-2-3, and haven’t I said that a lot lately …."  Vin Scully, during yesterday loss.  Now you know it’s bad when Vin is putting in his personal commentary.


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