The last time I posted here, our boys were mired in the 13 of 14 losing drought.  How that seems like a distant memory.  And as the boys righted themselves, during that stretch were we  currently have won 14 of 15, during the 11 game winning streak, I told myself " Hey, they haven’t lost since my last post, so I figured I’d stay away until the streak succumbed.  And on Wednesday evening, the Rockies put an end to that.  Thursaday night was special for me for that my brother, dad, and my brother’s girlfriend dined at the Stadium Club to celebrate my birthday, as well as my dad and my brothers 21st.  And we were treated to dinner and theatre, as the Blue, despite blowing a 3-2 lead in the 9th, won in the bottom half on Kenny Lofton’s 1 out single to drive in Lugo.  And though we would climb back into first place by a slim 1/2 game, you could feel the playoff atmosphere in the air.  Well, tonight, the Blue will go at it against our hated rivals in a nationally televised game that will feature this weekends prime pitching matchup between Greg Maddux and Jason Schmidt.  Tonights game will also feature a first as tonight will be the first time a 300 game winner ( Maddux) will due battle against you know who out in Left Field.  The Blue will also be looking to sweep the Giants, who at this point are starting to fade out of the pennant picture.  Though as much glee it would bring us to see the Giants permanently buried in the NL West’s cellar, let’ s not forget that each team in the division has spent some time either in 1st place all the way to the cellar as well.  And while the Giants have lost 15 of 18, after occupying 1st place momentarilly just 2 weeks ago, let’s not forget that not only did the Dodgers go through their dry spell, but Arizona, who trails us by only 1.5 games, went through a period in June as well where they had lost something like 18 of 21.  However, the Blue is picking it up at the right time and if they can continue to beat up on their division foes, it would not be a stretch to say that they could run away with this division. 


With a record of 61-56 and 45 games left, it’s not beyond imagination to think that the NL West champ will require 90 wins.  Shoud this be the case, the Blue would have to go 29-16 the rest of the way to hit the magic number of 90.  Should this happen, this would mean the including the current wave of 14 of 15, the Blue would go 43-17 since the end of the slump and an overall 44-30 since the all-star break.  So, from here on , DodgerDrei says, first to 90 wins.  Magic number……29.  GO DODGERS !!!!  29 more wins to OCTOBER BASEBALL !!!!


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