Ah what a great time of year this spring brings us, baseball.  With most of the main college athletics finished, (UCLA basketball will be back even stronger next year) and the Lakers struggling just to back into the playoffs, thank god for Dodges baseball.  Some of the sights and sounds from today as I, due to some morning obligations, did not arrive until the bottom of the first inning

Traffic backing up on the 110 North onto Stadium Way…a familiar sight for me since 1982

My first Dodger Dog of the season

Jason Schimdts first home run for the Blue at the Ravine this year

Singing " Take Me Out to the Ballgame " with Nancy Bea on the ivories

Being amongst the 56,000

Watching a potential rally in the 9th and ending up 3 runs short

Watching the flow of traffic in the "new and improved" parking lot and the disgruntled faces as we walked to a nice spot we found on a back road just off Stadium Way.

And as Nancy Bea shows after each loss, " The sun will come out, tomorrow…."

It’s great to be back at Dodger Stadium



DD’S RECORD FOR 2007 (0-1)


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