Tonight was a very special night at Dodger Stadium , and I was very fortunate to be apart of the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinsons first MLB game, marking the breaking of baseball’s color barrier.  Thanks to my iresponsibility of bringing the wrong pair of tickets to the game, (I brought the previous nights tickets, DOH!!! ), I had to go to the main office in Lot D to have my 2 tickets for tonight re-printed for a fee ( Thank god I have the 15-game package and those seats under my name ).  And although Josh and I ( One of my mini-package buddies and a great friend of 14 years ) would end up missing the opening ceremonies honoring Jackie, it was still a special night all around as many a tribute was made to Jackie Robinson between innings throughout the game.  Among those who were there were wife Rachel, Don Newcombe, the reverand Jesse Jackson.  Other special moments tonight witnessed the entire Dodger team wearing number 42 in honor of Jackie, as well as Padres CF Mike Cameron, doing the honor for the Friars.  Also, a poster of Jackie Robinson featuring some crafty artwork by Dodgers pitcher Brett Thomko was given to all in attendance tonight.  As for the game itself, the Dodger bats came out smokin tonight, particularly our 6-7-8 hitters Russel Martin, Andre Ethier, and Wilson Valdez, who had a total of 7RBI’s between them, and Andre Ethier would put the game away in the 8th with a no-doubt-about-it shot to the Friars bullpen, capping off a 4RBI night for him as the Blue would take 2 of 3 from the Friars this weekend, winning the rubber match, 9-3.  But this night would belong to Jackie Robinson….HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JACK !!!!


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