Being a graveyard employee, my plan this past Sunday was to take the train to San Diego, catch the Blue take on the Friars for the 1:05pm game, take the train back from SD @ 5:20 pm, and go straight to work.  But for some reason, I happened to catch a fever at the game, that is Baseball fever.  Two days after the game, I am still talking about the 17-inning marathon that lasted 4 hours and 55 minutes, the longest game ever time-wise and most innings played in PETCO Park’s short history.  The Dodgers jumped on David Wells early, scoring two runs in the first to give Derek Lowe and early 2-0 lead.  Back to back home runs by Kent and Gonzo put the Blue Crew up 4-1, and had some of us thinking back to Sept. 18th. Could it happen again ?  Derek Lowe was unable to hold the lead and the Friars would tie the game at 4 in the bottom half of the 7th.  That’s when both bullpens would take over for the next 10 plus innings.  The tandem of Beimel, Broxton, Tsao, Seanez, Saito, and finally Billingsley would combine to allow only 1 hit in 10 2/3 innings, but the Blue Crew could not take advantage, stranding 14 runners on base all day.  Then finally, in the top of the 17th, with my scheduled 5:20pm train having long departed, with two out and a runner on first thanks to a fielding error, outfielder Brady Clark sent a 1-2 pitch down the LF corner.  There was no way Wilson Valdez was going to be held at third by 3B coach Rich Donnelley, and Valdez would just beat the relay, giving the Blue a 5-4 lead.  But the Friars would not go down quietly.  After a one out error at 3rd by Ramon Martinez, who had 10 putouts prior the his miscue, would put runners on 1st and 2nd , prompting what was left of the 44,028 to chant  BEAT L.A. ( Note to any Friar fan reading this….Your NOT San Francisco !!!  You guys don’t have the anger, the chant sounds to So-Cal laid back.  Leave the real hate to the tree-huggers up north ), Chad Billingsley would strike out the side, finally ending this marathon, and the Blue prevailed, 5-4.  And even the post-game song, A HARD DAYS NIGHT, made plenty of sense on this day leading to night.  And I had 20 minutes to catch to 6:20pm train to LA.  If I ran to the Santa Fe station, I might have made it.  Yeah right….So  I left on the 8:20pm train.  And oh, darn, I came down with a fever and could not make it to work on Sunday night.  Again, BASEBALL FEVER !!!  Hey, how often is it one could say they attended a 17 inning game ?


With Sunday attendance of 44,028, the 3 game series total was 130,448, a new PETCO Park 3 game series attendance record.

I ended up using 2 scorecards

This past Sunday’s game would surpass my previous record of time of game in games I attended by 7 minutes.  Sunday’s game was officially 4 hours 55 minutes, surpassing a 13 inning game I witnessed on 9/20/2001 at Dodger Stadium, won by the Dodgers on Shawn Green’s walk-off in the bottom of the 13th against the D-Backs 3-2.  Luke Prokopec would notch the win for the Blue.

As for innings watched, my previous high was 14 innings on 5/2/2002 at Dodger Stadium against the Reds, with the Blue coming out on top 3-2 on Adrian Beltre’s 2 out single, with this game lasting on 3 hours and 55 minutes.

I have done multiple 7th inning stretches twice in 25 years of attending baseball games.

I am doing well now, thank you

As for my source for the length of previous games


It can give you the box score for pretty much any game in the past you may want to reminisce.


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