A question was asked to me by my newfound friend Jaq from about one of my pictures from my recent trip from Atlanta about the Braves 14 consecutive division titles and the question was , if not for the current format of post-season play of 3 rounds, the LDS, LCS, and the World Series, if I thought the Braves would have won more than 1 World Series title ? 

That’s a good thought, though I feel the flip side to that would be how many teams that failed to make post season play under the old 2-divison format could have won World Series titles if the Wild Card had been in effect back then, especially since there have been 4 wild card qualifiers who have won the World Series, ( Marlins 1997 and 2003, Angels 2002, Red Sox 2004 ) .  And if we really want to go back in history, how many 2nd place finishers would have won if it wasn’t just the league champions who qualified for post-season, which, back in the day, was the WS? 


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