OK fellow Dodgers fans….As we all know, history could very well be made this week in Chavez Ravine as our rivals come into town with history in stake.  And yes, the question arises, will you cheer, or will you jeer.  Of all the stadiums Barry has played in throughout his career, he has never been as hated anywhere, not even in New York or Philly, as he has at Dodger Stadium since donning the dreaded Halloween Colors .  And let’s remember in 2001, when he hit number 500 in his career and number 71 for the season record, against whom did he do it against ?  That’s right, the Dodgers.  And if he should hit numbers 755 and 756 here at the Ravine this week, oh well, life does go on, doesn’t it ?  Whether the Blue Faithful cheer of jeer, at this point, is irrelevant to me.  Should he do it against our Boys in Blue, it would give Giants fans something to brag about in what has been another lost season for the team whose played in a yard that has already been under 3 different titles since it’s opening 7 years ago.  Historically, since the rivalry shifted out west in 1958, many of the Giants top highlights, what few they may have, have more times than not, had a mention of the Dodgers, while here in LA, the Blue has won 5 WS titles, 9 NL titles, 8 division titles, and 2 wild card births.  With the blue in a dogfight with the Padres, Snakes, and Rockies, the Dodgers have other, and bigger things to look forward to than setting a record against an long-time archrival.  And besides, should you happen to be that lucky one to catch 756 this week, ( assuming I don’t  (, couldn’t you use that big wad of cash ?  How will you react ?  Let the fun begin….


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