Back in January I had posted that this year was special not only because this is the year we celebrate 50 years of Dodger Blue here in L.A., but that this year is also the 20th anniversary of the Lakers and Dodgers winning it all for us in 1988. 1988 was indeed a magical year for sports fans in this city, with the Dodgers off to a fast start and the Lakers  hoping to make good on coach Pat Riley’s guarantee of the previous year of a ” REPEAT”   .  In the second round of the NBA’s Western Conference Playoffs, the Lakers opponent, the upstart Utah Jazz,  led by a young John Stockton and Karl Malone, gave the boys of Showtime all they could handle and perhaps the highlight of the series was the final seconds of game 5.  The series had been tied at 2, the Lakers were trailing in the closing seconds and were in danger of heading back to Utah down 3 games to 2 when Michael Cooper ( COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP !!!) calmly sank a 20 foot jumper to give the Lakers a one point victory, with the Lakers eventually prevailing in 7 games.  Well, 20 years later , the Blue stands 3 games behind the D-Backs, not bad considering ‘Zona’s hot start, and well, like 20 years ago, the Lakers find themselves doing battle with the Jazz, this time led by our M-V-P !!!  KOBE !!!!  And things look pretty good for the Lakers right now up 2-0 in the Western Semi’s.  And as for the Blue, there’s just no telling how good this team really can be at this point .  No matter, it still feels good to be a sports fan in L.A. these days in what we could call a year of anniversaries. 


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