This season, before each home game, a former Dodger is seen signing autographs for fans outside the stadium between the pavillion entrances.  Recently, I had a chance to pay a visit to former Dodger outfielder Tommy Davis.  Tommy Davis played for the Dodgers from 1959-1966, winning 2 batting titles in ’62 and ’63.  With this new feature dubbed autograph alley, I thought I would try something fun and do a one question Q & A this season with each former Dodger I visit.  I hope you all enjoy this feature as a look forward to asking more questions throughout this season.

Q- Tommy, describe the feeling from being part of the 1963 team that swept the Yankees in the WS

A- It was heaven, it was absolute heaven.  The Yankees had always beaten the Dodgers in WS play, had beaten them 4 times in the 50’s so for us to sweep them and be the first team to sweep the Yankees in WS play was absolute heaven. 


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