OK, this aint Dodger baseball I’m talking about.  But remember, I did say I blog about the Dodgers and other L.A. sports.  So, here goes….I say the Lakers take the Spurs in 6.  But it will be a tough 6.  I don’t see the short turnaround for the Spurs to be a factor early in the series, they are to experienced and playoff-tested for that as evidenced by their 4 titles since ’99.  ( Many Spurs fans feel they were robbed of a 5th in ’04 by Derek Fisher.  And to the Spurs fans I chatted with in Texas back in ’05, HE DID GET IT OFF IN .4  !!!! ) .  However, should the Lakers be able to play at their up-tempo style, fatigue could be a factor for San Antonio.  OK, I’ve keep it brief.  Now let’s here from you.  Be as brief or as detailed as you want.  It should be a great series.  GO LAKERS !!!!


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