Well fellow Angelinos, I had been writing lately of being the 20th anniversary of our great city being the City of Champions, with the Lakers and the Dodgers coming out on top in 1988.  And what a great time it was.  And I had been exicited about the possibility of us repeating the feat again this season in this season of celebrations.  And the way the Lakers had cruised through the playoffs there was no reason for us not to feel giddy.  Oh for having high hopes.  But hey, it was still a great season. And c’mon, back in October, when Kobe wanted outta town, did we really expect to be watching Laker basketball this late in June ?  We have a young team, Bynum will be back next season, and Gasol will be around for a full season.  But tonight really hurt.  And as for me, personally, this is now the second time i’ve in a span of 3 months i’ve gone through personal heartbreak, with UCLA losing to Memphis in the Final Four .  As a fan, I’ll say it…IT HURTS.  But in retrospect, it was a great season nonetheless.  OK, our full  focus is now on the Blue Crew.  And in spite of how bad we’ve looked lately, hey, were still only 4.5 gack of Arizona.  We still got the dog days of summer ahead……   L.A. FANS, IT WAS A GREAT SEASON. 


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