Baseball couldn’t come soon enough for me.  After departing Dodger Stadium after Game 5 of last years NLCS, I just couldn’t wait another 6 months to see the Blue back in action.  And of course, I’m very excited about this upcoming season and hopefully the Blue can get back into post season play and bring home a championship, it’s been 20 years now.  Anyways, this week has already been an exciting one for me , going to my first Opening Day away from Dodger Stadium and seeing the Dodgers finally beat Jake Peavy for the first time since 2003.  And of course, there were plenty of Dodgers fans who made the trek down south for this game too.    The day started off for me coming into contact with Dodger Spanish broadcaster Jaime Jarrin at LA Union Station as he would be riding the same Amtrak Surfliner with us to San Diego.  ( And I thought he’d be on the team bus with them rather than riding with us regular folks…..)  And then during the game, I would be called numerous times around the 6th and 7th innings by friends and family telling me that my buddy Josh and I were on TV.  Wow, 15 seconds of fame……..

Anyways, now I look forward to our home opener this Monday against the hated ones.  By Tuesday I should have some pics from both Opening Day in San Diego and our home opener as well.  And one final thought……

My prayers, and the prayers of baseball fans everywhere to the family of Nick Adenhart and his 3 friends whose lives were taken cut prematurly by a drunk driver.  My first thoughts when I heard the news was of shock and anger, but then I had to tell myself that anger is not really the answer and to just keep thoughts positive for the Adenhart family.  RIP NICK ADENHART






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