Name Pos.
1. Roberts CF
2. Izturis SS
3. Lo Duca C
4. Green RF
5. Jordan LF
6. Beltre 3B
7. Karros 1B
8. Grudzielanek 2B
9. Brown


After starting off the season 0-3 and being outscored 24-3 by their longtime rivals at Dodger Stadium, the Dodgers would finish with a 92-70 record, a 6 game improvement over the previous 2 seasons, but missing out on the wild-card by 3 games to the hated ones.  It was still an exciting season for the Blue Crew as Shawn Green would have another big year at the plate belting 41 homers, 4 coming in one game at Milwaukee while tying a major league mark for total bases in a game with 19 .  2002 also saw the emergence of Eric Gagne as the teams closer, setting a club mark with 52 saves.  This would also be the season in which his consecutive saves streak would begin.


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