Recently the Dodger’s, comprised of a committee within the organization,  put together their all-decade team.  The team was selected by a committee of Dodgers family members — Hall of Fame Spanish-language broadcaster Jaime Jarrin, 10-time All-Star Steve Garvey, vice president of communications Josh Rawitch and official team historian Mark Langill .  ( )  . 


Back in January I put together my all-decade team as well.  Having compared my all-decade team with the committee’s , I have found that we, in many aspects, agreed with each others selections.  I was also surprised to see that I was not the only one who thought about Odallis Perez either. 


The differences, be it minor or major, was that in making my selections, I did mine based on a 24 man roster, with a starting 9, a 5-man rotation, bench players ( and that wasn’t easy because many were actual starters ) and of course a bullpen.  The committee went with the best they could minus a bench and a fully stacked bullpen.  In addition, the committee also chose Joe Torre as their manager, where I did not even consider one, being that I was not putting into consideration a manager for the all-decade team.  Here are the committee’s all-decade team in comparison with mine.


DODGER COMMITTEE                         





Russell Martin


James Loney


Jeff Kent


Rafael Furcal


Adrian Beltre


Andre Ethier


Matt Kemp


Shawn Green


Chad Billingsley


Kevin Brown


Derek Lowe


Brad Penny


Chan Ho Park




Jonathan Broxton


Eric Gagne


Joe Torre





Drei’s Picks


C      Paul LoDuca

1B     Shawn Green

2B    Jeff Kent

3B    Adrian Beltre

SS   Rafael Furcal

LF    Gary Sheffield

CF   Matt Kemp

RF   Andre Ethier


SP   Kevin Brown

       Hideo Nomo

       Chan Ho Park

       Derek Lowe    

      Odallis Perez


And as I stated, I also included reserves, and here was my list


Russel Martin, Juan Pierre, Dave Roberts, Nomar Garciaparra, Eric Karros, and Cesar Izturis


And the ‘Penn


Eric Gagne, Takashi Saito, Johnathan Broxton, Hung Chi Kuo, and Chad Billingsley. 


As most of us all know, stuff like this will always be up for debate and we will have our reasons, or theories , as to why we’ve come up with what we decided to come up with.  And I’m sure that the committee did not exactly have an easy time of it themselves either.  And I’m sure that there were others that were just as deserving to be in this lineup  whom both the committee and I have left off.  Life can be tough in the bigs, huh ? 


Anyways, I would like to now do a breakdown between my pics and the committees.  In the infield, we agreed that Beltre, Furcal, and Kent were tops from second to short.  As for 1B, the committee selected James Loney and I selected Shawn Green.  Many of you may be surprised that Eric Karros did not top out here, and I’m sure many of you would wonder why I put Shawn Green here.  Here goes, when I put my lineup together, I had to contemplate whether to put Green or Ethier in right field.  Both players remind me so much of each other, but I had already Kent and Gary Sheffield in the other 2 outfield positions, and I wanted to put Green somewhere in the lineup, as well as to add another left handed bat .  And since Green did play a full season at  1st base in 2004, I felt that this would be a good spot to make room for the franchises all-time single season home run king.


As for the catcher position, again, this was another toss-up between LoDuca and Martin, and quite honestly, I don’t know if you could go wrong with either.  If not for DePo’s ” moneyball” act , who knows how much more Paulie could have given us.


Now as for the outfield, the committee and I agreed on two of the three, Kemp and Ethier, and our difference, if you want to call it that, would be that the committee went with Shawn Green and I went with Gary Sheffield.  My decision was based on actual outfield positions while the committee just went with outfielders in general.  In hindsight, had I done what the committee did, I probably would have put Ethier in left field, where he has played in the past, and put Shawn Green in his rightful place in right.  Instead, I went the route of putting Ethier in right, and Sheffield in left, their natural positions.  As for Gary Sheffield, he did give us two solid seasons in left field in ’00 and ’01, so again, this is one that could be up for debate. 


As for the 5 man rotation, while we agreed upon Brown, Park, and Lowe, the committee had Brad Penny and Chad Billingsley, and I had Hideo Nomo and Odallis Perez.  Nomo will always have a place in the hearts of Dodger fans who was the ultimate workhorse and even when there was nothing left in his tank, he refused to say die.  As for the enigmatic Perez, he did give us some solid pitching between ’02 and ’04, even making the all-star team in ’02.  I also wanted a starting lefty in my lineup as well, and to me, it was between him and Kaz Ishii. 


And of course, as for our closer, we all agreed that it was ” GAME OVER ” in going with Eric Gagne.  And while Gagne may not be nowhere near the dominating closer we once knew, it was still quite a ride with Eric from ’02 to ’04. 


So here you have it.   Want to read more into our views, here are the links and stories to our ” All-Decade Lineup “


Dodger Committee


Drei’s Picks


Enjoy the comparisons, heck, send me your all decade team as well.  Debate is always fun……. GO DODGERS !!!!!






  1. Ewww. The thought of Jeff Kent on all-decade (though deserved) for the Dodgers makes me cringe. No Eric Karros? He had 3 solid seasons in the decade and the fact that he is on my all-time hate team, I would have chosen him over James (watch me loft duck fart into left field) Loney.

    Good Stuff Drei.


    The Three Bs

    “Idiot Tax”

    Check it out.


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