Hey fellow baseball fans !!!!  I know I’m a little late on this with the season being 3 days old now, but here goes my 2010 predictions……..




1.             Yankees  2. Red Sox ( WC )  3. Rays  4. Orioles  5. Blue Jays




1.             Twins  2. White Sox  3. Tigers  4. Indians  5. Royals



1.             Angels  2. Mariners  3. Rangers  4. Athletics




Yankees over Twins

Red Sox over Angels




Red Sox over Yankees


It’s not like there was any thinking outside the box here, but like it or not, the Yanks still remain baseball’s best team and of course the team to beat.  The Red Sox though did shore up their pitching and could easily take back the AL East.  The Twins should be back even better than last year and could be the AL’s sleeper team.  The AL West could very well be the strongest division of the 3, with the Mariners bolstering their pitching.  I still like the Angels to win the division based on depth, but if Seattle can add  some offense to their arsenal, the AL West could see a changing of the guard.  Don’t count out Texas either.  Lack of experience slowed down their playoff chances late last year and that should only help them.  The addition of Vlad Guerrero could help too.  OK, now to the senior circuit…..



1.             Phillies  2. Marlins ( * )  3. Braves  4. Mets  5. Nationals




1.             Cardinals  2. Brewers  3. Cubs  4. Reds  5. Astros  6. Pirates




1.             Dodgers 2. Rockies (*) 3. Giants  4. Diamondbacks  5. Padres


( * ) One Game Wild Card Tie-Breaker


Rockies over Marlins




Dodgers over Cardinals

Phillies over Rockies




Dodgers over Phillies


World Series


Dodgers over Red Sox




OK, I will admit, my pick of the Dodgers winning it all this year is mostly from the heart.  And I don’t even blame you if, like many, you picked Colorado to win the division.   But at the same time, I would not make this pick if I did not feel we had the chance.  The last couple of years could have had us in the fall classic if not for a couple of bad breaks.  However, repeating as the NL West champ will not be easy, especially a 3rd straight.  The whole division has vastly improved itself, Colorado may have the most depth and if so are ready to prove that last years run was no fluke.  The Giants , well, we all know about their stellar pitching, and as much as I hate ’em, they too could be a serious contender for the NL West crown.  Tim Lincecum is a legitimate threat to win a 3rd straight Cy Young Award.  The D-Backs pitching is anchored by Webb and Haren, but questions still surround their offense.  The Padres have a lot of young talent and finished strong last season, but may still be a couple of years away from seriously contending. 


In the NL Central, the Cards look to return back to their October glory.  Many had picked them to win the NL last season, and if not for Matt Holliday dropping James Loney’s fly ball in Game 2 thus changing the momentum ( I can still hear the Dodger Stadium crowd ringing in my ears…… 🙂  )   they very well may have gone all way into November.   An argument can be made here on weather they boast the leagues best 1-2 starting tandem in Carpenter and Wainwright as opposed to the Giants 1-2 combo of Lincecum and Cain.  And of course their offense is lead by none other than Sir Albert…….


And now, the East.  Of course, all of us have the Phillies winning the NL East and many have them winning the NL as well.  And like the Dodgers, winning the division 3 straight years will not be an easy task for them either.  And like the Dodgers, the Phillies also play in a tough division, with Atlanta and Florida ready to take over the East. 


Speaking of Florida, in spite of having one of the Majors lowest payrolls, the great thing about them is the fact they always find a way to compete, and this year should be no different.  I also have them finishing with a tie with Colorado for the Wild Card spot. 


As for the playoffs, this is the year that Broxton finally shuts the door down on Philly, and we will do it in 6 games.  This is also the year Matt Kemp goes 30/30 ( I said he’d do it last year and was 4 home runs away ) and wins both a Gold Glove and the NL MVP.  And Andre Ethier, well, I expect another 30 plus homers ( 3 which will be of the walk-off variety )


This should be a fun season….GO DODGERS !!!!!


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