OK Dodger fans.  That sure was an exciting one last night all capped off with another one of Dre’s walk-off’s.  Wow, Andre’s walk-off’s seem to happen as often as Kobe’s buzzer beaters that it’s just now to the point that some of us have become so blasé to this.  OK, some, not all of us. 


All right, now on to this weekends matchup with the hated one’s.  The Giants are off to a hot start this year and are out to prove everyone that they have an offense that’s potent enough to compliment their outstanding pitching, once again led by that Freak, 2 time Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum.  As for our Boys in Blue, the offense has certainly held their end of the deal and could easily be 7-2 or 6-3 if not for some late inning collapses by our bullpen.  Our starters aren’t exactly out of the doghouse either.  Only Hiroki Kuroda has pitched 6 or more innings this season, in fact doing it in both his starts.  Vicente Padilla takes the mound in the series opener tomorrow.  Hopefully, he can rediscover his form that he had in last years stretch drive.


Now for some personal Dodgers/Giants memories.  We all have our personal favorites.  And I have plenty as well.  Since this is only April, here’s one from some time ago, the year 2000.   That was the year the Giants moved into their new yard, Pac Bell Park .  And of course they wanted to open the yard against the Dodgers.  Tickets to Pac Bell were at such a premium you would have thought you’d be on a 5 year season ticket wait list.  Though I was unable to attend the inaugural opener, the one when Kevin Elster smacked 3 dingers en route to a 6-5 victory, ruining the Jints home debut, I was able to make the trek up north for what was supposed to be the third game of that series.  However, the previous nights game was suspended after 5 innings due to rain, so they continued that game prior to the series finale.  You may be wondering how I scored a ticket to the game, well, being alone does have it’s privileges, and one thing I would discover is that when you go solo to a sold out event, more often than not, single tix always seem to be available.  So I was able to score a seat in the lower field level behind home plate for $23 ( Try that today folks….)  And from the moment I walked in the yard I was really impressed .  Now you might think that any stadium is an improvement from old CandleStick Park ( Or as my HS English teacher called it, CandleStink Park ), but the Giants and the City By the Bay really hit a home run .  As for the atmosphere, let’s just say that there wasn’t anything really harsh said to me.  Heck, though I had some peanuts thrown at me ( In a playful way, it was all good….), the fans around me we’re actually cool, especially the college kids I sat with.  They we’re even kind enough to take a picture with me, each one of them giving me the bird, directed at both my Dodger cap and UCLA sweater ( What a way to rep LA in  the Bay huh ?…..)  And of course the best part was sweeping the opening 3 game series of the hated ones new park.  Oh yeah, what a way to help open your rivals new park.  


As for the city itself, I don’t hate San Francisco.  In fact, I love SF.  I always look forward to going there at least once a year.  They have many fine places to eat, and I’m not just talking about fancy dining either.  SF is always ranked as being one of the top single-friendly cities, and I can certainly tell you from experience that SF is definitely a single friendly city.  And of course if you are a male single ( Especially if you happen to be walking down Market St. ), The City will definitely wrap it’s arms around you.  ( Read into that last statement all you want…… J )  HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND EVERYONE….GO DODGERS !!!!


And let’s not forget LA’s other teams too…


GO  !  KINGS ! GO!





  1. hey all you dodgers thanks for saying the things about the Dodgers well they are still the best ****** you others fans


  2. hey all you dodgers thanks for saying the things about the Dodgers well they are still the best ****** you others fans


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