This was quite a homestand for the Blue Crew as they took 2 of 3 from the D’Backs and Giants, pulling out some late inning heroics in 2 of those victories.  If there’s one thing we may know, it’s that this years team certainly wont be boring.  One of the things I enjoyed during this homestand was our starting pitching going 7 plus innings in 3 of the 6 games, something our staff had a hard time doing early.  And with Kuo and Bellisario due to come back soon, our bullpen could start to really shape up. 


To say that this weekends series against the hated ones is sending a message would be a stretch, though you could say that the Blue served notice that they have every intention on winning a 3rd straight division title.  OK, some sights  around the Ravine this weekend against the hated ones…..

Somewhere in the bowels of the club level we honor Jackie Robinson on his night.  Behind Jackie Big D looks very intimidating .

The view from the newly renovated Stadium Club….Outdoor seating!!!!  The way baseball was meant to be viewed !!!!

My desert




dreis_pics080.jpg picture by dreispics_10

Baseball 101  .  If throwing a change up was only that easy I could be earning a hefty salary…….


dreis_pics086.jpg picture by dreispics_10

It’s Friday night, and the pavillion is splashed with Dodger Blue


dreis_pics085.jpg picture by dreispics_10

And some halloween colors mixed in with the Dodger Blue….


dreis_pics084.jpg picture by dreispics_10

Stretch time…..  Even the umps are all wearing 42 on Jackie’s night.


dreis_pics097.jpg picture by dreispics_10

Another win for L.A.  Thougu things got a little tight in the 9th…..


dreis_pics100.jpg picture by dreispics_10

DODGERTOWN….” This is Dre’s Town…”


dreis_pics101.jpg picture by dreispics_10

One of sports best rivalries….


dreis_pics103.jpg picture by dreispics_10

Dodger fans in the LF Pavillion donning their free caps.  What a beautiful sight, all that Dodger Blue


dreis_pics105.jpg picture by dreispics_10

Dre and Matty, celebrating another Dodger win, this one thanks to Manny’s pinch hit home run in the 8th.   We could have over 80 home runs this yearjust between these two  alone….


dreis_pics109.jpg picture by dreispics_10

My buddy Josh ( Between Duke Sniders and Jim Gilliams retired numbers ) was very happy about todays game





On the way home on the Red Line, I quipped to some Giants fans that they were on the wrong subway, this wasn’t the BART.


On that same Red Line, before leaving Union Station, a sheriff came on and asked to check tickets.  As we we’re taking our train tickets out of our pockets, the sheriff replied ” No not you guys, the one’s in all this Black and Orange “  J . 


And finally, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, a feature the Dodgers are doing this year at the Stadium is called This and That, where a Dodger player is featured on the video board during middle of the inning breaks and is asked a bunch of questions and decides upon one or the other.  ( You have to be there to enjoy it )  On Opening Day, Matt Kemp was the featured player and his questions were


Facebook or Twitter




MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice





University of Oklahoma logo

OK, I’ll give him that one since Oklahoma is his home state ( Of course the crowd was of course divided on this one, I had to go with the Blue and Gold….)


And finally…


Beyonce or…






No Comment…( Right Matt…)



Though this wasn’t featured during the last home game, in this months issue of our Dodger program, the players were all asked this question…








Of course we know what the majority answered.  The one’s who picked LeBron were Jamie Carroll and Ronnie Belliard.  ( Of course they would, they played for the Indians at one time….)


Have a good weekend everyone.  And for you Dodger fans reading this, hang in there, our pitching will come around , eventually……


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My first 7th inning stretch of the year , with some female fans and my lil’ bro’ .  I hope it went through this time



  1. Great game coverage Drei! and beautiful pictures. Now, did you eat that desert by yourself or did you share? How much was the meal?

    Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World


  2. I hate ManRam, I am glad he is on the DL. That last game was a battle. What the hell has gotten into Zito? I now am getting drunk off my Barry Zito Drinking Game because he is pitching so damn well.


    The Three Bs

    “Offensive Offense”


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