One of the greatest things about baseball is that if your team starts off slow, there’s still over 100 games to make up for lost ground.  Of course, you never want to see your team fall behind in the standings and make up ground.  Of course, as said earlier, thank god it’s only April and there’s still over 100 games to go.  Is it too early to start panicking?  Definitely not.  Of course many of you fellow Dodger fans are worried.  If you aren’t worried, your passion for the Blue would be questioned.  Having seen our boys play in the NLCS the last couple of years has only whetted our appetite for even greater success.    Let’s not forget that when your team has been on top the last two years, others do their best to improve themselves to knock you off your perch.  So the Blue is facing a little adversity right now.  And as I write this review, in front of me are logos from each NL West team taped on top of my screen, in the order of today’s current standings.  The sight of the Dodger logo all the way to the right doesn’t exactly suit well for me.  But that’s cool.  As I said, a little adversity never hurts every now and then.   It’s a good way to test a teams character, too see if they’re really as good as we want to believe, or is this season already a waste.


I’d hate to think that this season is a waste.  There’s just way too much talent on this team.  It’s because of all this talent that I believe GM Ned Coletti went off on the team this week.




Now on the flip side, Colletti should not be void of any blame either.  Yes, it is uncharacteristic for him to be calling out his team, and yes, it’s even more uncharacteristic of him to call out one of his players ( Matt Kemp ) .  However Ned, let’s be honest, did we all not know that there could be some issues with the pitching this season ?  I’ll be honest, even though my heart said that the pitching problems wouldn’t be a major issue ( That’s the Dodger fan in me talking folks ), I did not think that our pitching, traditionally a Dodger trademark, would be this atrocious even this early into the season.  As productive as our offense has been, it too is only going to carry us so far.  And in the course of a long season, the offense will go into a slump. 


The Dodgers will be back home for a 10 game homestand.  The fared well during their last homestand, winning 4 of 6, with 2 of those wins seeing the Blue Crew rally from the 8th inning on, showing flashes of last years team.  Speaking of flashes, the bats , especially those of Matty and Dre, certainly gave us a glimpse that the offense will certainly not be boring .


OK, we all know about how bad our pitching is, so I’m not gonna beat on that topic like a dead horse.  However, and I’m hoping that this is only a minor concern in spite of Colletti’s call out of him, let’s talk about Matty


To be calling out Matt Kemp could be just a bit of a stretch here.  OK, so he’s not Andre Ethier when it comes to showing his emotions.  And yes, we all know that Matt is arguably the most talented player on the squad.  And yes, we all know that Matt’s perception is one of a happy-go-lucky person.  And finally, we all may have heard the tiresome jokes about how Rhianna may affect him this year, but we wont go into that…..


Now I don’t recall Ned criticizing Matt’s efforts, and I’m glad he didn’t.  Anyone who hit’s over .300 and is on pace to hit 42 home runs certainly doen’t do it because of lack of effort.  Now, the thing that has somewhat , if not entirely irked me, and Ned as well, his baserunning.  I said this last year that he would be a 30/30 guy and was 4 home runs short of the mark.  Before this season I stuck with my words from last year and said he would go 30/30.  And some day, I honestly think that Matty can be a 40/40 guy, a rare feat. 


Which is why I, and probably, many of you, are wondering why the 6 caught stealing so early in the season, one of which he did not even slide into second base.  MATTY, YOUR’RE KILLING ME !!!!  OK, not quite, but Matt, we all know you’re better than that !!!! 


Well, April is about to end, and as of right now, we find ourselves looking up at the rest of the division.  Do I think it will last.  NO.  We’re just to talented to be this bad.  It’s now time to put this month behind us.  Yes, we’re all frustrated, and stuff has been said in the front office.  Let’s put it behind us now.  It’s time to see if our Boys in Blue are really for real.  It may only be late April, but GO time is never to early.








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