After a rough start, The Blue Crew seems to have answered their critics.  And the best is yet to come.  In spite of Furcal missing practically all of May, and Ethier just recently going on the DL with a broken finger, and the fact that we still don’t have a fifth starter, to this point we have posted a 16-6 mark in this merry month of May.    While we have been enamored by Dre’s accomplishments, who had Triple Crown numbers at the time he went on the DL, let’s not forget the rest of the offense either.  Also playing a huge role in the turnaround was Jamie Carroll, who has done more than an admirable job filling in for the injured Rafael Furcal.


But what has impressed me the most is the resurgence of our pitching all around.  I am also convinced the Chad Billingsley is getting his confidence back, having allowed 2 runs or less in his last 5 starts.  Kuroda and Kershaw continue to give us nightly quality starts, and Josh Ely has been a pleasant surprise coming from Albuquerque.   Questions still arise about a number 5 guy, and even when Padilla does come back, everyone will still be talking about trading for Roy Oswalt.  ( I called that a month ago !!! )  .  Our bullpen still has some questions as well with Trancoso not looking like the ground ball pitcher he was last season, and Sherrill, perhaps with him going on the DL today we will find out if his sudden meltdown is beyond poor mechanics. 


Just some concerns to get out of the way before we head to the dog days of summer.  Otherwise, we should be in good shape for the upcoming dog days of summer, as we currently stand 2 games behind the Padres for 1st place in the NL West.  ( Believe it or not, the Padres currently hold the NL’s best record at 27-18 )  Now , for some of Drei’s May highlights from around The Ravine…..


dodgerspics_10076.jpg picture by dreispics_10



Victory Knot: A new item is the Victory Knot, an extreme take on the traditional soft pretzel. Enough to feed about four hungry fans, this giant pretzel is made with two pounds of dough, topped with sea salt and served with three dipping sauces – chipotle honey mustard, sweet cinnamon crème and beer cheese – in a full-size pizza box. The Victory Knot is available at Campy’s Corner on the Field Level, Stand 204    dodgers.com


dodgerspics_10083.jpg picture by dreispics_10

DRE !!!!


dodgerspics_10098.jpg picture by dreispics_10

James Loney with Prime Ticket’s Michael Eaves after Loney big night in the Dodgers 6-2 triumph over the Pirates 4/30


dodgerspics_10103.jpg picture by dreispics_10

My buddy Josh and I hangin out with former Dodger centerfielder Ken Landreaux


dodgerspics_10105.jpg picture by dreispics_10

MATTY !!!!


dodgerspics_10108.jpg picture by dreispics_10

Sunset over The Ravine 5/7


dodgerspics_10130.jpg picture by dreispics_10



dodgerspics_10135.jpg picture by dreispics_10

Me with my Mini Dre



Gone But Not Forgotten….

dodgerspics_10145.jpg picture by dreispics_10


Lima Time will forever live on in the hearts of all Dodger fans.  RIP Jose Lima 1972-2010


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