We’re getting close to Spring Training folks !!!  But before ST starts, the Dodgers once again embark on their annual caravan with this season’s theme giving back to the community.  One of the activities in line for todays caravan was a volunteer clenup of the L.A. River, which players past and present we’re in attendance to lend a hand to the 250 Dodger fans who took time to volunteer today.

Copy of Copy of dreispics0214 019.jpg

Amongst those in attendance, Don Mattingley, James Loney, Tommy Davis, Ken Landreaux, Bobby Castillo, and Rudy Law.  Not pictured, good old Tommy Lasorda, Jimmy Campanis, and Dre, who would be a late arrival as he was arriving from Phoenix.

It was a fun day to be amongst fellow Dodger fans and it really did feel good to do something good for OUR TOWN as we can say we contributed to the continuing efforts to make the L.A. River a place where hopefullly there will be a longer trail for bikers and joggers to take a nice stroll. 

dreispics0214 021.jpg

L.A. River, down on the edge

Oh yeah, speaking of Dre…

Copy of dreispics0214 024.jpg


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