Day 2 of the Dodger caravan would take us out to Santa Monica as we would team up with Heal The Bay in helping clean up the beach.  Though the day would start off with a morning drizzle there was still a good turnout of Dodgers fans for this event.  Though trash along the beach wasnt as evident as when we we’re at the L.A. River the previous day, according to the good folks at Heal The Bay, over 100 pounds of trash was accumulated throughout our over 1 hour of our beach cleanup.  We would be broken up into 5 seperate groups and teamed up with a couple of Dodgers past and present.  My buddy and I would be in team 5, led by Taft High Schools very own Gabe Kapler and Sweet Lou Johnson, best remembered for hitting the game winning home run in Game 7 of the 1965 World Series. 

Anyone that’s ever come across Sweet Lou would tell you he really is quite a character.  Most of my time during our cleanup was spent chatting with Sweet Lou and one of the reps from Heal the Bay, as well as a couple other Dodger fans as well, including my buddy Jesse. 












Of the 5 groups who collected the most garbage, amazingly enough , Group 5, our group ended up on top ( Matt Kemp would later accuse us of filling up our bags with excess sand….LOL….)   . 




I have to give it up for our team, for they we’re the ones who really made the contributions ( I collected some too, but admittedly I was caught up in conversation with Sweet Lou ) .  As for photo ops with other Dodgers….



You look like you could still play Shawn.   Shawn Green



30/30 This year Matt ?      Matt Kemp


It was a fun day all around, and it was a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the players and also contribute to a great cause.  As for Heal the Bay, I cant thank them enough for making everyone feel so welcomed.  Here’s the link should you want to volunteer your time in helping keep our beaches clean


Oh yeah, over the last 2 days I finally came across one of my fellow bloggers Emma.  You can view here blog , Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World @ . 



With my fellow blogger Emma


Wanna check out some more pics ?



One thought on “CARAVAN, DAY 2, HEAL THE BAY”

  1. Haha, Andrei, Finally came over to see the pics. Sorry it took me so long! Great report and pics. We had fun that day and the day before but the most important thing is we contribute!


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