Does it feel good to have baseball back ?  After taking 3 of 4 from the hated ones to open the season then getting swept in a mini 2 game series on the road to Colorado, the Dodgers are back here in Cali to start a 3 game series to our neighbors down south.  During the 6 games the  pitching has been able to hold it’s own, though questions still arise about Jonathan Broxton, in spite being 3 for 3 in save opportunities. 


Now, as for the opening homestand.  I had the chance to attend Opening Day and the final game of the series.  I can honestly tell you all that where I was sitting in those 2 games, our sections we’re incident free.  And that’s the way baseball should be.  .  The Dodgers and Jints, I mean Giants rivalry( Hey, I gotta get my blue blood going here….) goes back to their days in Brooklyn and New York, and both teams have given each other and their fans their share of heartbreaks too.  I’ve attended a few Dodgers/Giants games up north myself and though I have been told some nice pleasantries from time to time and some we’re personal ( Which you should expect when your a visiting fan ), never have I felt threatened to view a game. ( NOTE…I’m not so sure if anyone would want to threaten me ) and  no fan should ever feel threatened to wear their favorite team’s apparel no matter how big a rivalry is.  Go ahead with a little playful ” trash talk “, it’s all in fun, but life and death should never be taken into account while cheering our teams on.

As a Dodger fan, I , like many other Dodger fans, am still upset at what happened last week in Parking Lot 2 after the Dodgers Opening Day victory over the Giants.  Unfortunately, I was nowhere near the incident to assist Mr. Brian Stow from what Vin Scully even called , COWARDS, ( And believe me, for Vinny himself to say anything bad about a human being, even the word COWARD, is really saying a lot here ) .  After the game, I was mulling around until I got to say hi to one of my usher buddies ( Opening Day, New Year, New Season…) and having a good time, like Mr. Stow should have been entitled to as well.  Instead, because of these 2 COWARDS who I refuse to call fans, Mr. Stow is in a coma clinging for his life, all because of this COWARDLY ACT !!!  Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened at Dodger Stadium.  Heck , i’m sure many of you remember a Giants fan being shot and killed in the parking lot back in 2003.  It’s getting to the point where Dodger fans themselves dont want to come to the Ravine.

There was a candlelight vigil for Brian Stow outside of County USC Hospital this past Wednesday evening, and I had the chance to meet with family members of Mr. Stow, and I am happy to report that the family was in good spirits and are very thankful to all the Dodgers fans and the community for their continued and warm-hearted support.  Let’s just hope that Mr. Brian Stow recovers from this blow and that any fan who comes to Dodger Stadium to see a game, even a visiting fan, can come and enjoy a great night out at THE OLD BALLGAME. 


From the Top Deck








My fellow blogger Emma sending well-wishes to Brian


Family and friends of Brian Stow with the rally towel we signed for them


With Brian Stow’s mother. 


Get well Brian, we want you back in OUR TOWN.


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