Over the years i’ve had the opportunity to follow the Blue out on the road, especially here in Cali.  In a couple of weeks, I will be making the trek down to PETCO Park for my annual trip to San Diego. ( That just goes to show my unconditional loyalty ).  And thanks to the fanfotos, here are some highlights, from Dodger Stadium to PETCO and of course enemy territory, AT&T Park.


Me with the lil' bro, moments after that batting practice foul ball bounced off my palm. Amazingly, I really didnt feel any pain
Kicking off the Dodgers 50th Anniversary here in L.A. with the lil’ bro
10/1/2006. Final game of the regular season against the hated ones. And we we’re the ones celebrating a post-season birth after clinching in their house. Oh how 5 years ago seems like an oh-so-distant memory these days……
8/12/2009 . For whatever reasoned no one gave me a hard time on this day. Maybe because i brought the lil’ sis, her first Dodger/Giants game in enemy territory


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