I have been one of the faithful who has continued to come to The Ravine through mostly bad this year and tonight just really put a bad taste in my mouth. During the last homestand you guys advertised reserved level tickets for $5 each and even had it posted on diamondvision this evening. I go to the ticket office in the top deck in the 6th inning and am told that they made a mistake by posting the ad on the videoboard. I then text the 323 DODGERS customer service and am informed that offer was only for the last homestand. No apology, no were sorry for the inconvenience for our error, we will accomodate you for our mistake, nothing. I can bring up other stuff this loyal Dodger fan hasnt been happy with this season but I will refrain for now anyways. Do you really have to give fans more reasons to just REALLY not want to show up ? This organization is on pace to lose $27 million in revenie this year and the stands havent exactly been filled to the rafters so WHATS THE BIG DEAL DISCONTINUING THE $5 ticket specials and NOT notifying the fans! And that is Drei’s rant. A day at the ballpark is STILL A GOOD DRE, in spite of our teams current stadium operations department.


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