It’s no secret that this has been one of the most difficult seasons that we have endured .  Yeah, many of you have chosen to boycott the games this season in protest to our current ownership.  While I haven’t exactly been boycotting games this season in spite of my current situation amongst other reasons, I have noticed some changes in the atmosphere as well, and i’m not exactly talking about the play on the field or the off-field situation either, though there may be some indirect ties. 

Whether our Boys in Blue are fighting for a division title or just playing out the string I still enjoy coming out to the games.  I have been coming out to the games for almost 30 years now, going back to my first ballgame in August of 1982 at the height of FernandoMania.  I, like many of you, have gone through both the good and bad and like a true fan has stuck through .  Now while I myself may be stretching things a bit by saying that I wont be going to the games anytime soon ( As stated I love this team too much ),  the atmosphere and attitudes of certain personel during the last 2 homestands, particularly up in the  reserved level and with the Operations and Marketing department, hasn’t exactly given me reason to brag about my experiences at Chavez Ravine. ( I’m probably putting it kindly….) 

OK, I will admit, I may be looking for more reasons to want to bash our ownership ( Who isn’t ), but having said that, you would think that those associated with our Dodgers, including the parties mentined earlier, would be doing their best NOT to give fans more reasons not to want to show up to the games.  First, the stadium personel on the reserved level.  On a hot Sunday afternoon 7/31 against the DBacks with plenty of empty seats in the reserved level down the 1st base lines many of us chose to move up to the seats under the shade only to be yelled at by this heavy set female usher that the area was closed.  Then she threatens everyone AGAIN this time  by getting both a cop and a security guard, and this time the security guard is yelling adamantly ” IF YOU WANTED THESE SEATS YOU SHOULD’VE BOUGHT THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE !!! ”  As for those seats, they would end up filling up by more fans eventually, and in most stadiums during non sold out games ushers in the upper levels don’t care about seat hoppers anyways so the fact that we we’re being yelled at by stadium personel was pointless.

This past Sunday, in what was a pleasant afternoon, my buddy and I stayed in our seats after the game to watch the highlights on the video board as is custom by some fans.  As the highlights are about to conclude, another usher comes up to us saying we need to vacate the seating area.  As the highlights are being played ?  If I remember Eric Smith’s words ( Dodger Stadium P.A.  announcer ) ” We Invite You to Stay and Watch the Highlights….” .  In the past, when I’ve stayed to watch the highlights, ushers would wait about 5 minutes after the highlights before kicking everyone out of the viewing areas.  Oh yeah, did these ushers forget that fans and visitors take photos AFTER THE GAME as well ?

OK, now with the marketing and operations departments.  During the Dodgers/Phillies game on Mon Aug. 8, an ad was flashed on the video board promoting $5 reserved level tickets to all MON/WED/FRI home games in August.  So I go to the ticket office during the 6th inning to buy a couple of reserved level tickets for that Wednesday’s game against the Phillies.  I’m told that the ad was no longer in effect and that should not have been posted on the video board.  So I send a text to the (323) DODGERS hotline and my response is that the promotion was from the last homestand.  My buddy and I still go to that Wednesday afternoon game and our tickets our on the reserved level.  Since the Phillies we’re in town, we wanted to grab some CheeseSteaks  at the South Street stand, only to find it closed ?  REALLY, closing the CheeseSteak stand with the Phillies and their following  in town ?  Oh yeah, that wasn’t the only stand shut down either as half the stands in the reserved level we’re closed as well, creating massive lines for a game that’s nowhere close to sold out.  Yes, I have seen long food lines many times, but when there actually is a large crowd of lets say, 45,000, that’s one thing.   Our we trying to operate on the cheap here Frank ?  ( OK, don’t answer that question….)

It got to the point where I just had to let the organization know it.  Now, there was a somewhat happy ending to this as I got a response from a manager 30 minutes after I sent my email to fanfeedback@ladodgers.com  , which i’m speculating that I haven’t been the only one voicing my concerns this season because how often does one get a response that quickly ?  The result, a voucher for 2 field level tickets to any game the rest of the season (  Excluding the final 3 games of the season against the Giants and FleecBlanket night on 9/13) .   

Well, I hope you’ve all enjoyed my ranting.  There is more I could bring up but why, you the fans have already and continue to bring them up and I applaud you for that and I say KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!  As for the any other experiences that you may have either during the game I strongly urge you all if you’re at the games to text (323) DODGERS or email your concerns ( Other than an apathetic owner, c’mon, let’s be fair now ) to fanfeedback@ladodgers.com  .  Who knows, you may get a quick response.  A bit of advice, and I want to be fair to all parties, should you get a call from a rep from the Dodgers, if you can, try not to yell at the rep.  The rule of thumb when dealing with a customer service rep anywhere really, don’t yell at the person working with you.  They already know you are mad and let’s face it, you don’t like to be yelled at yourself either right ? 

As for the issues brought up, I really hope that they are fixed soon. 

If you think this is empty, imagine how 2012 will be if  fixes beyond ownership aren’t made ?



  1. It just shows that the fans don’t care anymore, and the employees are taking it out on everybody. The Dodgers will be seized by MLB after the end of the season and sold. The franchise is in serious trouble, and if the McCourts keep this up, soon the player will not want to resign either. Good luck dodgers….GO ANGELS!!!!


    1. Thanks for the kind words Chris. We all know that deep down you are a Dodger fan because why would you troll here. Anyways, thanks for reading and now you have my permission to troll the Ducks board , you know that other Anaheim team you cheer for. LOL . . .


    2. Hey Chris ? It doesn’t seem so long ago that you we’re having kicking us when we we’re down. Fast forward to 2015, and it’s the other way around and you’ve decided to trade in the red for the blue…LOL


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