This weekend marks the 45th anniversay of  The Beatles performance at Dodger Stadium.  It would be the second to last official concert ( Not counting the Let It Be rooftop gig ) they would ever perform, their swan song coming the next evening at Candlestick Park.  It was during this tour that John Lennon’s remarks about The Beatles and their popularity over Jesus made huge headlines.

To this day, I still laugh at those who went on this bonfire.   I mean, really,  John gives his god honest opinion, no pun intended, and these so-called religious freaks burn him in effigy.  WOW, I’m sure God really appreciated his name being linked to these so-called bible thumpers.

 I wonder how many of these people came back on the Beatle Bandwagon the following year when Sgt. Pepper came out

 Promotional poster for their Aug. 28th 1966 concert.  Check out the reference to Sandy Koufax

 The Fab Four performing in front of over 45,000 screaming fans at Chavez Ravine, 8/28/1966.  All those years of touring in front of  screaming fans must have turned into plenty of HARD DAYS NIGHTS.  Oh yeah, check out the stands in the background, it’s amazing how she looks so much the same today as she did in 1966

To honor the occasion, Beatles tunes will be played throughout the weekend series with the Rockies, as well as this Tuesday, 8/30 , when performers from Love will be here for a pre-game performance as well.  A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed for All….  THE BEATLES ARE MORE POPULAR THAN….Frank McCourt, YEAH YEAH YEAH… what did you think I was gonna say ?


Earlier this week Dodger season ticket holders we’re asked to rate Vin Scully ?  There’s another one to chalk up in the reasons why  FRANK MUST GO list.  Rate Vin Scully ? REALLY FRANK ?,0,3680136.column




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