OK, before I head out, here are Drei’s Fab Four Beatle picks, the theme, Frank and Jamie.  This is one of the few times I will actually take a brutal attack on someone, but hey, since we are honoring the Fab Four this weekend, I thought I’d have fun doing this.  ENJOY !!! 

4. Day Tripper.  A description on how Frank must feel about Jamie

3. Ticket to Ride.  Another one about Frank and Jamie

2. Not a Second Time.  We’re these Franks words to Jamie ” THE NIGHT BEFORE ”  the divorce ?

And Finally, Number 1 of Drei’s Fab Four

1. Money.  Oh Frank, how much have you been crying over this

OK, all McCourt bashing aside, these are really some cool Beatle clips on YouTube.  Have a Great Weekend everyone, GO DODGERS !!!!


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