DREI’S RANTS 9/2/2011

Prior to yesterdays makeup game at Pittsburgh the Dodgers we’re 65-70, 12 games behind the DBacks for first.  Just 3 years ago at this time, the Dodgers had the same identical record but a 19-8 finish cataputed them to an 84-78 record and the first of 2 division titles.  Of course the NL West wasn’t exactly the best division in 2008 and with the Dodgers currently 11.5 games behind the Dbacks, it seems highly unlikey at this point, to say the least , that we will be seeing Dodger baseball in October ( Like you all didn’t know that already….).   However, if it’s any consolation, the Dodgers have won 9 of their last 10 and went 17-11 during the month of August.  As of this moment they are 5.5 games behind the Giants for 2nd place and wouldn’t it be sweet after all this talk of our boys in turmoil to finish in front of the hated ones come seasons end ? ( Even if it is for 2nd place….)


This past Wednesday was the final weekday afternoon game which the Dodgers wore their 1944 satin blue Brooklyn throwbacks.  In their 6 ” throwback ” games, 4 of their opponents wore throwbacks as well, with the Phillies and Padres being the party poopers. ( I’ll excuse the Padres since they we’rent an MLB franchise in 1944, but the Phillies ? )  Here are Drei’s visitor throwback uni rankings

4. Cincinatti Reds 6/15

 Really not much different from their road unis of today but still pretty sharp.  The cap is navy blue.  Joey Votto looking up at us.  And for the L.A. readers no we we’rent amongst “VOTTOS” out in the LF Pavillion…..

3. Chicago Cubs 5/4/2011

 This was the best pic I got that day.  Nothing really eye popping but nothing excessivly flashy either.  Check out ” former ” Cub Carlos Zambrano.  Apparently he was ok with wearing the throwback on this day rather than his usual alternate blue ( Yes, he was this days starting pitcher….)

2. Tigers 6/22/2011

 Another simple yet traditional looking uni .  Bonus points for Tigers wearing their home cap on this day, which was the cap that accompanied this uni in 1944.

And finally….

1. Braves 4/21/2011

 The one pic I did not take but this was the uni the Braves donned for their throwback, this Boston Brave uni from 1944 sans the Boston hat.  That image on the sleeve would be deemed ” politically incorrect ” by todays standards.

OK, now let’s see your rankings.  For a better view of the unis, please click on the pics above….


I had meant to post this two days ago.  As a kid I always dreaded this day, August 31st.  One because it meant all the August birthday celebrations in our family we’re over with, two, it meant summer was approaching it’s end as well, which also meant BACK TO SCHOOL time ( It’s funny how I dreaded school as a kid and now wish I had applied myself to my fullest potential and these days enjoy learning anything new in life….) , and of course, with summer ending and school starting, that also meant baseball was nearing the end of the season as well. 

Well, as usual, I was not looking to turn the page to September this past Wednesday.  This year my August was filled with the usual August family birthdays, including my grandmothers, who turned 80 this year.  I mention my grandmother because my stepdad grew up 5 minutes away from Dodger Stadium  in nearby  Echo Park and I spent a lot of my childhood days there, especially after Dodger day games when my buddy and I would walk over and she would cook up a big meal for us.  This August was also memorable in that I had the chance to catch up with  friends I haven’t seen in what, 10 plus years  at , of course, the ballparks, Dodger and PETCO, as well as those I don’t see often and of course those I chill with regularly.  So of course what better way to finish the month of August than at, of course, a Dodger game……

 Just moments before the first pitch in front of another huge crowd.  Can it get any more sparse than this ? 


 Ballparks may have different types of upscale cuisines these days, but nothing beats the good old fashioned hot dog.  Here is a Super Dodger Dog covered with traditional condiments.

Marlon B getting ready for game time with his Super Dog.  Behind him, the starting lineups.  Check out that huge gathering in the right field pavillion….

 Today is throwback Wednesday, so we pay homage to our roots in Brooklyn

 WHAT’S UP MATT !!!!  Matt Kemp stylin’ with the shades….

 Matt getting ready to snag another routine fly

 Matt making a nice running catch.  MVP ! MVP !

 Matt looking sharp with the old-school Brooklyn uni

 In the meantime, with so many seats to choose from on this lovely afternoon on this final day of August, Marlon B, aka Da Kid, decides to take advantage of all this legroom out in the LF Pavillion

 On the opposite side, Christian, one of the few and proud in the RF Pavillion, is yelling for Juan Rivera to toss him a baseball…

 And after catching his  souvenier from Juan Rivera, Christian is seen admiring his prized gift.  This is a much happier day for Christian.  A couple of months ago, Matt Kemp tossed him a ball only to have another fan next to him bump him and lodge the ball loose , making some kid happy and Christian, well….

           Why Drei ? Why ?


OK, time to stretch                                                                                        Marlon, IT’S TIME TO STRETCH !!!!


Hey Marlon, Matt’s got a message for you        Oh well, can you blame Marlon B for chillin’ under the sun with that huge crowd behind him

As for the game, the Dodgers would go on to beat the Padres 4-2, completing a 3 game sweep and posting their 8th win in their last 9 tries.  As for the pics below , sorry for the quality….

  Time for a victory bump  WE LOVE L.A. !!!!

Game’s over kid !!!    Uh, Marlon, time to go home…

Never a dull moment at the ballpark.  HAVE A GREAT LABOR DAY WEEKEND EVERYONE !!!!                                                                             




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