What a Season….Your Favorite Moments ?

Any of you still hung over from last nights games ?  Wouldn’t blame you if you we’re.  So much drama from yesterday that I wasn’t the only one firing away via our social networks


I had posted on my facebook that I wanted to see  two one game play in games today and when Boston was up 3-2 on the Orioles and the Yankees up 7-0 over Tampa, it seemed that my wish would come to a screeching halt.  Even a friend of mine commented on my fb status update ( D**N YANKEES !!! )  while I had responded back, GO ORIOLES !!! ( I was under the assumption at the time that the Yankees we’re gonna run away with the game and needed the O’s to rally so that both the Rays and Red Sox would play that one game playoff ). 

Meanwhile, over in the senior circuit, with the Cards running away with their game in Houston, the Braves are clining to a 3-2 lead when their closer Greg Kimbrell comes on and can’t shut the door down, forcing their game with the Phillies into extras.  ( So much for the Home Field Advantage bound  Phillies calling it in….)  The Phillies would eventually win in 13, and with the Cards winning, the Braves, after leading the WC by as much as 10.5 games, are heading home.

Meanwhile, in the junior circuit, after a rain delay in Baltimore, the Red Sox, despite a September swoon, are one out away from playing another game ( Sound familiar ? )  only to blow it in the end.  Minutes later, the Rays, who had been down earlier 7-0 to the Yankees, stage a comeback for the ages and Evan Longoria caps off an amazing evening.  For the actual order of last nights events….


And so we head to October.  And for the 2nd straight year, our Boys in Blue will not be playing in the post season.  Now while an 82-79 record is not much, when you take into account where we we’re in the first week of July, all the off-field drama ( Which we won’t get into ), and what we, the fans, put up with as well, though this was one of the most enduring seasons anyone could imagine, in the end, it may have been the most non-playoff season we may have experienced. 

And if all goes according to our wishes, when all is said and done, we will have both and MVP and a Cy Young Award winner in Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw.  OK, as some of you may know, I for one did not stay away from The Ravine and am grateful for that.  Though not quite the season I imagined, a day at the ballpark always beats a day in the office, or in my case this past year, a day in the ballpark is a great way to get away from life’s realities.  And as always, I will miss going to the games with my crew until next Spring, but of course, at this time of year, I asked what their favorite moment at the Stadium was and for the most part, we all had the same one(s).  However, my buddy Daniel, one of the friendliest ushers at Dodger Stadium, had this as his favorite moment this year….


This would be the game that Kershaw would be ejected against the DBacks for hitting Gerardo Parra in the back.  I don’t think it was intentional, but hey, the previous night, Parra started mouthing off toward the Dodger dugout after hitting a game tying homer.  Kershaw didn’t think to kindly of it and as for my man Dan, this just showed that Kershaw has come full circle , serving notice that he ain’t backing down to no one.  As for my man Dan, hopefully he will be back at his usual spot on the field level next season….

 Who da man, Dan ?

OK, as for a couple of Drei’s Crew of 2011 and their favorite moments, well, first off, Da Kid, whom I haven’t seen in what, 6 years and how many games did we go to together this year.  His favorite moment…Matt Kemps walk off, 4/21 against the Braves in extras.  Too bad he couldn’t stick around for the end.  Contrary to popular belief, his reasons for leaving early had nothing to do with the so-called Dodger fan tradition of leaving after the 7th inning stretch.  The game went extras that afternoon, and Marls, aka Da Kid, had to go to work.  Let this be a lesson to you that you NEVER plan anything after a ballgame.  As for Marls, we would go to quite a few games this season, had lots of GOOD TIMES, but their we’re times that his attention span was anywher but on the action on the field….

  Yo Marlon, wake up Marlon !!!  I know all that room in the pavillion was made possible by our ownership this season, but hey, there’s a game goin’ on.  MARLON !!!!

 Last home game of the season and AGAIN his mind is elsewhere.  What are you dreaming of kid ?

 Good times with Dan and Marls


OK, now my other partner in crime.  Josh .  JJ has had season tickets with me for the past 5 season, so of course it would only be natural that we both would have the same favorite moment of 2011.  But this season would be unique because there would actually be 2 fav moments, both finishing tied for first in our books.  And they would happen 4 days apart from each other.


Dodgers 2 Cards 1.  On the verge of being swept in this 4 game series with the Cards, down 1-0 in the last half of the 9th, after a leadoff double by Dre, with one swing, Matt Kemp to the Cards….” Time to Walk Off !!!  Who says Nobody Walks in L.A. “


 The start of the rally, Ethiers lead off double in the 9th 4/17.  I’m to the left of the 330 sign.  Next up was Matt Kemp, and you know the rest….

And the other fav moment of 2011, four days later, when Matt would do it again, leaving the Braves chopped…..


Oh yeah, the best part, later that evening, watching the highlights, and listening to how quiet the Braves broadcast team went after Kemp walked them off.  As for the Braves broadcast team being quiet, well, I guess they’ll be quiet all throughout October.

 It was another fun season Josh.  Next year, OCTOBER BASEBALL RETURNS TO THE RAVINE !!!


OK, enough for now.  I will continue to post other stuff and plenty of pics from this past season and I hope to be hearing from you. Speaking of hearing from you, what we’re some of your favorite moments at The Ravine this season ?  I’d like to hear them.  HAVE A GREAT OFF SEASON. 



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