Scorecards !!! Scorecards ( With a Side of Penncakes )

Keeping score at the ol’ ballgame.  It seemes to be a lost art these days.  It’s something i’ve done since I learned the craft back back when I was a kid who couldn’t wait to get to the ballpark. ( Some things from our childhood never change do they ? )  The other night I had posted some in game updates from The Ravine as I kept score and it’s something I hope more as the season goes.  Keeping score really isn’t difficult once you get the hang of it.  It’s a great way for me to stay connected to the game.  Plus they also make great personal souveniers.  Besides you just never know what surprises you may come up with on that night you GET YOUR SCORECARDS OUT  !!!  As for me a couple of highlights this season both involbed Scott Van Slyke, getting his first MLB RBI in his first big league at bat against the Giants, and of course his first Big League Home Run , a 3 run shot against the Cardinals, his dads former team.  That 3 run shot would be the game winner  !!!  Any of you keep score At The Old Ballgame  ?  What are your scorekeeping stories?


And on a final note. . . . .


Penncakes anyone ?  A buddy of mine came up with that term in reference to Dustin Penner ( Ask any Kings fan about the pancake story and Dustin Penner. . . )  Great time to be an L.A. sports fan huh  ?  Go Dodgers  !!!  And of course. . . GO! KINGS! GO!  2 More ’till Lord Stanley comes to L.A.  !!!


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