L.A.’s Finest

It took a minute but hey, you finally have one Bob Miller  !!!  To those of you who may not know who Bob Miller is by now Bob Miller has been the longtime voice of the Los Angeles Kings.  Of course when we think of broadcasters with longevity with one team we think of Chick Hearn and of course Vin Scully.  It also helps that both we’re privledged to do play by play for two organizations with such great history and they would admit as much as well.  It’s because of that many have felt that Bob Miller was by far L.A’s most underrated broadcaster, along with the Clippers Ralph Lawler.  And after all those years Bob, you’re finally getting a ring  !!!  CONGRATULATIONS BOB MILLER  !!!  And of course CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2011-2012 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS. . . . LOS ANGELES KINGS  !!!


Photo taken by of course Jon SooHoo.  I’m guessing sometime in the late 90s


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