My Morning Tweet. . . . The All Star Game

10 years later and I still don’t believe the winner of the #MLB All Star game should determine the home field for the #WorldSeries — Good_Drei (@Good_Drei) It has been 10 years since that infamous tie due to both sides running out of players that causes commissioner Bud Selig to come up with the format that the league that wins the all star game gets home field advantage. To this day I dont care for it, I feel it undermines the point of playing for the best regular season record to gain that elusive home field advantage. Last season is a good arguement for this. The St Louis Cardinals made a late run and with 90 wins claimed the NL’s Wild Card spot the final day of the season. The Texas Rangers, winners of the AL West with 96 wins. Any other sport they are hosting Games 6 and 7 but thanks to the all star game it was determined 2.5 months prior that regardless of their record, in this case a 6 game difference, they would not have home field for the World Series. Could you imagine the NBA using this format. Would the Rangers have won the World Series had they had that ever so important home field in Game 7 ? Who knows. Having said that, I will still be pulling for the National League to win it. Looking forward to the 2nd half . And we’re certainly looking forward to getting Kemp and Ethier back as well. GO DODGERS !!!!


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