Monday Night At The Ballpark, Phillies vs Dodgers 7/16/2012

Tonights specialty. . . .


With the Phillies in town, we have this Philly Cheese Steak Dog.  However, if you’re craving one, you’re gonna have to wait a long while at the loaded dog stand on the loge level in spite of the sparse line.  Apparently the cooks were not prepared for the demand.  I hope they’re more prepared tomorrow night when a bigger crowd is expected.  And I certainly hope that if the demand is as great or greater tomorrow and you’ve got a long wait you won’t be telling the fans ” We’re cooking the meat right now .  There should be plenty of meat cooking throughout the night that fans will not have to wait longer than they have to.  OK, You’re probably asking, “How’d it turn out ?  ”  Meh, OK I guess.  The meat could’ve had more seasoning.  As for the cheese, i’m not gonna pretend to be an expert on Philly Cheese Steaks but I don’t ever recall having one with shredded cheese.  I applaud the Dodgers effort on trying to come up with specialty items based on the opponent as they did last month when Chicago Dogs, or what passed as one, we’re served when the White Sox we’re in town ( I’ll assume they will repeat this when the Cubs come here ) but if they are going to be promoting such specialty dining options for certain opponents than they really need to be prepared for the demand. 


If tonight is any indication, be prepared to wait a while for one of these if you’re going to any of the next two games. . . .


Welcome back Juan Pierre. . . .

Allright, back to the game.  And as has been the case lately, wr need a rally.  Heading to the bottom of the 4th, Phillies 3 Dodgers 0.  GO DODGERS  !!!  IT’S RALLY TIME  !!!!


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