Tonights Promotional Giveaway…Dodger Beach Chairs

There is a caviat to this. 

Beach Chair*

Presented By Farmer John

Fans with the first 30,000 tickets that enter the stadium will receive a voucher (see below). The voucher entitles the holder to one (1) Dodgers Beach Chair. Distribution will begin sixty (60) minutes after the first pitch, and will conclude sixty (60) minutes after the final out. The vouchers are redeemable on 7/17/2012 ONLY. Once you leave the stadium gates to redeem your voucher, there is NO RE-ENTRY into the stadium

I was wondering how they would be distributing tonight’s sought after item.  And it will be an exit giveaway.  Good call.  Could you just imagine a bad call setting off over 40,000 fans armed with beach chairs…..  As said, Good Call.  Now, who will be tonight’s starting pitcher ?  GO DODGERS !!!!


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