Drei’s Buzzings

How many of you are still buzzed over yesterday’s Bison Blast ?  After reading both the Dodgers and Phillies recaps of yesterday’s game you would think the Phillies had a bad roadtrip in spite their 4-2 mark and the Dodgers had the good homestand in spite the 2-4 performance, 3 of the 4 in excruciating and 1 on a bizzare fashion, reflecting both teams early season fortunes . 

From Dodgers.mlb.com


From Phillies.mlb.com


Could this be the game that swings the momentum back in The Blue’s favor heading toward their upcoming 10 game road trip ?  Only time will tell.  ( I’d still like an upgrade on both corner infield spots and another bonafide starter ) .


For those of you who we’re at Tuesday night’s game you may have noticed on both reserved level entrances the food trucks.  One of the trucks trucks present was Lee’s Philly.  ( Appropriate given that nights opponent ) .  So of course my sister and I had to get a Cheese Steak .  Though not really Philly authentic ( I highly doubt kimchi is put on one from Pat’s , Gino’s or Tony Luke’s ) it still was pretty good. Good sized portion, a lot of flavor. Even with kimchi this Cheese Steak , wit provolone, could hang with an original one. Much better than that Philly Cheese Steak Dog I had Monday night from the Loaded Dog Stand on the loge level. It was the first time the Dodgers had on-site food trucks during the game. The cashier from Lee’s Philly told me that if it works out the Dodgers may have rotating food trucks on certain nights. That would be a huge hit.

Fans lining up for some food truck eats on the reserved level

My sister enjoying her Cheese Steak from Lee’s. How was it Sara?


Did I forget to ask if you we’re still buzzed by yesterday’s Bison Blast?


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