Good Eats and Some Suite Sweet Treats

One thing that pairs great with sporting events….FOOD !!!  I’m willing to bet that a good many of you fellow sports fans are just a bit slightly above your ideal weight .  Hey, let’s face it, when we go to a sporting event we like to indulge in some great eats either before, during or after a game.  Taking part in The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, this weeks theme is lunchtime. 


Today’s Tuesday Special…. A simple Carnitas Burrito.  Simple but huge with lots of meat and flavor, with a side of a hot green pepper.  Nothing fancy, just a huge meal to satisfy your lunchtime hunger.  To satisfy your hunger you must head over to the Roast to Go vendor over at Downtown L.A.’s Grand Central Market, where working Angeleno’s have been going for years for yheir lunchtime fix.  Also a great spot for your pre-game meal before a Sunday 1:10 game being that GCM is only open until 6pm.  And if you should happen to dine in, you’ll enjoy a pictorial history of GCM on your table as seen above.

OK, as some of you may have noticed as of late i’ve been doing the Instagram thing here on my page.  So while we’re on the topic of good eats, lets venture into the part of the venue where many of us don’t venture to on a regular basis, or at all…The Luxury Suite.

Like many of you I find other sporting events to fill my time between October and April.  Every now and then I am so fortunate to be in the so-called elite section living the Suite Life.  One of my favorite features living in the Suite Life, is experiencing the Sweet Life….


My favorite of the 3 , thanks in large part to the Cake Cart at Staples Center, was the Salted Popcorn Caramel Cake.  This was my first time at an NBA game in 3 years so yeah, this occassion during the Clippers-Pistons game was well worth it. 

Moving right along while I’ve yet to experience a game in a luxury suite at Dodger Stadium I have dined on occassion at the Stadium Club located above right field.  While the eats here are somewhat upscale the folks at Levy got it right by putting Dodger Dogs on the table !!!!  That’s right folks !!!  Dodger Dogs in yhe Stadium Club buffet table !!!!  It just goes to show no matter how upscale or trendy the dining experience is at the ballpark, folks, even the well to do still enjoy the most simplest things in life.  Besides, and even the have’s will tell you, what’s a Dodger game without a Dodger Dog, or in my case, two.  Heck, if you should ever be so fortunate to experience a game at the Stadium Club you might as well do it right….


Wood fired pizza, beef and mushroom medallions, and a double Dodger Dog.  In case you’re wondering, I did eat a salad prior to this.  As I said earlier, you can have fine dining at a Dodger game, but the experience isn’t complete without a Dodger Dog, or two….

And finally, fod the kid in all of us who just want’s the simplest of all treats….


Red Vines !!!  Cotton Candy !!!!…..

So there you have it with Good Eats and Suite Sweet Treats….


All that talk about food and sweets put me in a food coma….  Don’t wake me ’till Opening Day……


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