Drei’s March Madness Tweet and Countdown to Opening Day (@Good_Drei)

Andrei Ojeda (@Good_Drei) tweeted at 0:44 AM on Mon, Mar 25, 2013: 7 days ’till #OpeningDayLA ! C’grats to #FGCU on being the 1st 15th seed into the #Sweet16 ! Thx Howland for taking #UCLA to 3 #FinalFours ! (https://twitter.com/Good_Drei/status/316093149959290880) Get the official Twitter app at https://twitter.com/download

Like the rest of you i’m certainly counting the days toward Opening Day !!! But in the meantime….

How many of you have broken brackets ? My west was already done when New Mexico got ousted in the first round by Harvard. Oh yeah, how many of you ACTUALLY had Florida Gulf Coast University in the Sweet 16 ? Yeah… I didn’t think so. That’s why we all love March Madness. It breaks our hearts but at the same time we all love an underdog right ? Especially when it’s a school a good 90% of us i’m guessing nevef even heard of. March Madness…GOTTA LOVE IT !!!

Speaking of March Madness , I know I am in the minority amongst the Bruin faithful when I say the Ben Howland should have been given at least one more year to calm the storm amongst the Sons of Westwood.  When you think about it, considering he had two players leave the team this year ( Josh Smith and Tyler Lamb ) , the team was coming off a season where they missed the tournament and the naysayers had the team in turmoil ( Yes, you SI ), yet they still found a way to win the PAC 12 regular season title, and enetered the tourney without one of their best scorers in Jordan Adams, who injured his foot in the Pac 12 tourney against Arizona, Howland may have done one of his best jobs in his 10 year tenure at UCLA.  Let’s not forget 3 Final Four appearances and 4 Pac 12 titles.  OK, so no Final Fours in 5 seasons, bit again, considering the circumstances he was faced with this year…..  Oh well.   It really didn’t seem that long ago when the Bruin faithful thought it was only a matter of time when Howland and the Mighty Bruins would hang banner 12 up in the rafters of Pauley Pavillion and many we’re sporting those HOWLAND IS MY HOMEBOY shirts. 

Ben Howland’s signature in my Wooden Pyramid of Success poster that i’ve had Bruin players and coaches sign since 2002.  Howland signed over the box stating….PATIENCE.  Good things take time….  Not in the minds of those who believe in the WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY theory….

Did I forget to mention that we are 7 days away to OPENING DAY !!!  GO DODGERS !!!  You can also follow me on twitter @Good_Drei

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