Opening Tweet (@Good_Drei)

Andrei Ojeda (@Good_Drei) tweeted at 3:45 PM on Mon, Apr 01, 2013: @ClaytonKersh22 does it all today !!! Lets go #Dodgers !!! ( Get the official Twitter app at Well that was quite an opener today !!! We expect 7 Ks from KKKKKKKershaw but to lead off the home 8th with his first career home run ? One word…WOW !!!! The Blue would score 3 more times and Kershaw goes the full 9 in shutting down the World Champs 4-0.

So I miss my first home opener after 9 straight for me but hey, it’s all good.  Tomorrow night will be my official home opener as I vet to see Hyun-Jin Ryu make his first big league start tomorrow.  Hey, this will be the second time I will see a Korean pitcher make his big league debut.  Last time I saw that, April 8, 1994 when Chan Ho Park pitched in the 9th inning , giving up 2 runs while Kent Mercker was dishing 0s in both the hits and runs column.  Yup, thats right.  Ironice because 20 years prior on that same evening some guy namdd Hank would hit his 715th career home run.  Looking forward to my first 2013 trip to the park tomorrow night and yes I will be posting pics of the changes.

But today, it’s all KKKKKKKershaw !!!!!


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