Drei’s Random Thoughts for 4/10/2013


On This Day, 1947….


Jackie Robinson become the first African-American baseball player in the Major Leagues, starting at 2nd base for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Prior to his Brooklyn day’s, Jackie had played for the Dodgers minor league team in Montreal, the Royals.  And the game of baseball would get a much needed and long overdue change….  Speaking of baseball in Montreal, I really do hope that city gets another chance at hosting an MLB team….

Happy Birthday Dre !!!!


Happy 31st to Andre Ethier !!!!  And here’s to many more Happy Dre’s !!!  The pic above is from the Rancho Cucamunga Quake’s FB page, from last year during Dre’s rehab stint.  Also….


A Happy Belated Birthday to you as well A.J. !!!!  I’ve had the chance to see A.J. play at AAA Albuquerque and here in L.A.  .  It’s been great following your progress A.J. !!! 

Hockey at Dodger Stadium ?

It’s looking like a Kings vs Ducks game will happen sometime in January of 2014.  I have always wanted to see the NHL give us the chance to host a Winter Classic game to show that a warm weather city like L.A. is more than capable of pulling this off.  This would really be great for Kings, Dodgers, and even Duck fans…



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