Drei’s Friday Thoughts, Tweets and Some “Fertilizer” Carried Over

Vin Scully as only he could call it. I gotta give it to him. If this we’re me i’d probably be saying more than just “fertilizer”…. And I will only assume that many of you are still hot over last night. I mean, really Carlos Quentin ? How long have you been playing. You crowd the plate at your own risk !!! Why would Zack Greinke want to hit you in a 1 run ballgame and put the potential tying run on base ? As Vin Scully would say….” FERTILIZER !!! FERTILIZER !!!! ” And of course we all know it didn’t stop on the field either as Matt Kemp and Carlos Quentin had to be seperated from each other on the way out of Petco…


Dont Get This Lion Angry


I’m sure a lot of you recognize that lovable lion . OK, lovabale most of the time. While Bailey’s #1 team is making another run at Lord Stanley’s Cup, it don’t mean that this lovable lion, or in this case, this angry lion ain’t lookin’ out for his other L.A. teams. Are We gonna see this lion roaming Chavez Ravine next week ?….


And on a lighter note…


Anyone else looking forward to seeing 42 this weekend ?


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