Tweet of the night from Steve Lyons (@SteveLyons12) and Other Thoughts

Earlier tonight during the telecast you may have seen the segment where Steve Lyons was giving us a tour of Citi Field and stopped by the Shake Shack burger stand ( A local favorite ) and had himself what looked like a double cheeseburger. ( Looked good BTW…)  So, being a proud native of L.A., I couldn’t help but to tweet him ( My twitter is good_drei )and ask… In N Out or Shake Shack.  I think it’s safe to say Psycho knows what a hamburger is all about….

Steve Lyons (@SteveLyons12) tweeted at 9:32 PM on Wed, Apr 24, 2013:
“@Good_Drei: @SteveLyons12 #InNOut or #ShakeShack ? Who gets the edge ?”inNout… Wanted to say that!

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Other Thoughts from Tonight….

Good to see Matt Kemp finally get his first 4 bagger.  Currently he is 9 for 22 on the current road trip .   Good to see Matt’s back on track. 

Nice outing by Ted Lilly tonight, giving us 5 strong in his first outing back in almost a year from the DL.  Speaking of…

Best wishes to Chad Billingsley as he will have Tommy John surgery performed on him.  What ever happened to our depth in starting pitching ? 

Tonight was a tough one to swallow.  We we’re one out away from a 3 game winning streak.  Just gotta come back strong tomorrow.  Hopefully we get a good 7 plus innings from Hyun-Jim Ryu.  The bullpen could use some rest….


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